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Babies cry for a million reasons. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out why they cry. But crying is the only way babies can communicate. Babies have different ways of crying depending on how they want to express themselves. Now, it’s up to the parent to understand why your baby is crying and eventually you will be able to distinguish between different cries. Usually it’s all trial and error but here are a few points to help you understand your baby better.

  • Hunger! Yes!! Babies are usually hungry most of the time as they don’t fill their tummies at one go because they get tired of feeding or fall asleep.This is one of the main reasons why they cry.

  • Has your baby peed or pooped - It depends on baby to baby. Some of them just can’t be wet or soiled even for a second so they start howling and as for some babies it hardly matters.

  • Are the lights too brights in your room? Some babies might not like bright like as it might hurt their eyes. Make sure you have no direct light hitting their eyes.

  • Is your baby feeling any physical discomfort? There are many reasons why your baby might be feeling uncomfortable. Either they are cold, hot, their clothes are too tight or either their have something itching them or poking them somewhere. They could also be getting bitten by mosquitoes. So be alert and cautious.

  • Has you baby been suddenly alarmed? A sudden loud noise can tend to startle your baby like the door banging, cell phone ringing on loud mode, pressure cooker whistle, people screaming. So prevent this, try swaddling your baby. It helps them feel more safe and secure.

  • Changing your babies clothes - Some babies hate it when their clothes are being changed. They don’t seem to like the idea of being naked. Try to cover their with a cloth while you change their so they feel more comforted.

  • Baby needs mommy - At times babies cry because they need to see their mother, hear her voice, wants a cuddled, or just need to be hushed and rocked. Babies are familiar with their mother’s voice, smell, touch. It all gives their that sense of security which keeps them calm.

  • Baby has gas issues - Sometimes babies tend to howl because they have tummy pain due to gas. Try to notice if your baby is lifting his knees towards his stomach continuously and crying. Ask you paediatrician for a good antacid to relieve him of the pain immediately. Tummy time is also important to prevent acid reflux.

  • Some babies are as stubborn as a mule - If they don’t get what they want they would howl their heads off. But as a parent you would need to learn how to tackle that situation. You can’t always give what your baby demands. You need to know when to draw the line.

  • Your baby is tired - Babies tend to get tired pretty fast. They tend to cry more because they find it harder to sleep if they are too tired. The smallest things can really make them howl since they are already so cranky. So it’s best you put them down for a nap.

The sooner you understand your baby the easier it’s going to be on you and your baby. Try to keep as calm as possible. Understand why your baby is crying. Think fast and take action quickly to ease the situation. For first time mother it can be very overwhelming but keep at it. You will pull through as I did.

You got this!

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