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Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Marriage! There are so many definitions of marriage, love, commitment, sacrifice, and so one. But I’m not here to sit you down and blabber about what is marriage and how things are meant to be. I’m here to make you open your eyes and see how you can actually make it work. And how you can make teeny tiny changes in your life for the betterment of your relationship.

First of all it takes two to clap! It takes two to make a marriage work. Now I’m going to be pretty blunt, marriage isn’t easy! It isn’t always sunshine and birds chirping. We have thunderstorms and lightning. But if you want to make it work. You can! That’s on you! Eventually you can bring out the rainbow in your marriage.

If you guys want to make it work and make it last here few tips -

  1. Give each other space - People need space!! Simple! They need to breathe!! You can’t step on each others toes all the time.

  2. Don’t have any grudges against each other - You’re the one who is mentally tortured if you carry that load in your little head. Learn to let go! Don’t dig into the past. We all have our ups and downs. But if you’re always going to dip up all the bad stuff about your past and fight about it, it isn't going to lead you anywhere. It’s just going to make things worse. Close the chapter. Be done with it!

  3. Eat meals together - I know we are really busy people and we love staring at our phones or some form of a screen when eating. But try to eat together whenever you can. Share your food. Share the last bite. Cook for each other.

  4. Look hot for each other - There isn't any harm in decking up now and then. Add a little spice to your wardrobe.

  5. Do double dates - Go out with other couples on lunch dates or dinner dates. Make it fun!

  6. Say sorry & MEAN IT! - If you have made a mistake. Apologise for it. Let your ego go! Accept your mistakes and rectify things.

  7. Leave notes for each other - Leave little notes now and then. It not only reminds them that you are there for them but also how much you love each other.

  8. Hugs & kisses - Very essential part of the day. Hugging makes you feel strong, happy & comforted. You must hug each other at least in the morning and at night.

  9. Pull each others leg - Add a little humour to your relationship. Make it witty.

  10. Alone Time - Being away from each other for a certain period of time makes you realise how important that person is to you. Don’t take each other for granted.

  11. Trust each other - You have to trust each other to make your relationship work. You can’t keep doubting each other. You would go bonkers and drive each other bonkers.

  12. Be friends first - You need to be friends first. Be it an arranged marriage or love marriage. You have to be friends first and then life partners.

  13. Don’t compare - The last thing you need to do is compare yourselves with other couples. Who cares what other couples are doing. To hell with them.

  14. My way or the highway - It doesn't work like that in relationships. Things don’t always have to be as per you. You need to be considerate. Respect each others feelings.

  15. Don’t bring work home - Separate the two. The last thing you need is to bring your office home along with you. You’d rather spend time with your family. That is the only time during the day they have with you.

Spread the love!

Live everyday!

Make it worth it

You got this!

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