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9th September. A date to remember!

It was a pleasant Sunday morning. Naina stood in the balcony sipping a strong cup of coffee as she watched the birds chirping. She looked up and saw the clear blue sky covered with a bed of white fluffy clouds. She smiled to herself as she finished her last sip of coffee.

She had only a few minutes to herself every morning which she considered as one of the pleasures of life. It was not long before her mother-in-law called out for her to come to the kitchen and help.

The full family hogged a scrumptious brunch and settled down in their rooms. They couldn’t move an inch since they all overate.

“Sundays are the only days when I binge and not feel guilty,” said Naina as she entered the room. Her husband, Rohit was glued to the idiot box. He grunted without even looking at his wife.

Their daughter, Myra was in her own world. She found a fat green crayon and scribbled on the off-white walls in their bedroom.

Naina took one look and freaked. “Myraaa!!” She pleadingly said as she handed her a piece of paper. She lovingly explained to her that the walls are not to be coloured. Myra turned around and took one look at her mother and started to giggle. Myra was happy to see her Mumma. Myra rubbed her eyes and wanted a cuddle. She figured Myra was tired and it was time for her afternoon nap.

Naina was exhausted. First, the lavish cooking that is expected by the family and then a huge pile of dishes. ‘Why can’t Sundays ever be simple and fun?’ she pondered to herself.

Naina finished off the dishes and cleared up the kitchen after she put Myra to bed.

She thought she should lie down for a bit to stretch her back. ‘Finally! At peace!’ She said and sighed.

After a couple of minutes, the mosquitoes started buzzing in her ears. She was worried her little daughter shouldn't get chewed up. She looked around and found the electric racket and killed a few mosquitoes who intended to make her afternoon hell. She cursed and slaughtered them all.

Naina got out of bed. She made her way to the kitchen to get a glass of water and came back to the bedroom and wondered what to do next. She looked at her husband, peacefully lying down next to Myra glued to his phone.

“Come, why don’t you lie down for a bit,” said Rohit as he scooted in and made space for her.

She placed her head on his strong shoulders and her hand on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat.

She felt comforted like there wasn’t a single worry in her world. Her brain switched off. She put aside all her thoughts about folding the laundry, what to prepare for dinner, what to feed Myra when she wakes up.

Naina closed her eyes and was enjoying every minute of it. It was bliss!

“What would have happened if you didn’t find my profile on the matrimonial website? Do you think we would have met?” asked Naina.

Rohit started to think and wonder how it would have actually been if he had to marry someone else. “I don’t even remember how many profiles I scrolled through until I saw your profile picture. It felt like you were smiling right back at me,” he said.

Myra started to wriggle, Rohit quickly tapped her back to sleep. He didn’t want to lose the moment.

Naina rubbed her feet against his feet and buried her nose in his neck and took a deep breath. He had his arm wrapped around her, holding her close to him.

As Naina just started to get comfy, Rohit’s phone started to ring. Naina moved as Rohit looked at her and said, “I have to take this.”

She wondered, ‘how he could possibly speak to so many people. How does he have so much to talk about? He is always on the phone!’

“You ruined my moment,” cribbed Naina after Rohit got off the phone. Seconds later Myra was awake. Naina actually wanted to remind Rohit what date it was. But her afternoon didn’t go as planned.

Naina gave Rohit a dirty look and left the room. She then attended Myra and the rest of the family’s needs starting from evening tea with snacks and dinner.

By the time she finished off everything for the day and putting Myra to bed, it was almost midnight. She went to change her clothes and slip into something more comfortable. Rohit caught her from behind. Naina stood there only wearing her baby pink coloured panties with the cupboard wide open. Her long wavy dark brown hair was no more tied in a scrunchie but let loose covering the front of her beautiful bare body.

Rohit came close to her and whispered in her ear as he placed his arm around her waist and said, “I don’t know about the matrimonial site, but today it’s been five years since we met.” She could feel his breath against her neck as she closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair and held him close. She could feel her heart racing.

“You remembered?” she whispered as she raised her perfectly arched eyebrows and fluttered her long eyelashes and shyly smiled. Inside she was actually grinning ear to ear.

“Obviously! I was born to love you,” he said as he passionately kissed her.

“I will never forget how anxiously adorable you looked in a white kurta sitting by the window at the coffee shop when we first met,” he said.

Naina was swept off her feet. She just wanted to love him more. Before you know it; they were twisted in the sheets together and made the most of 9th September.

Some dates are meant to be made special. Celebrate life. Celebrate love.

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