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The so called 'Anniversary.' - What's so great about it?

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Anniversary is a day you celebrate your love & togetherness with your spouse. We have crossed another milestone. Sticking together for another year through thick and thin. Let’s celebrate! But, is that all?

If you actually think about it an anniversary is like an alarm clock. Wake up! We have made it this far; together!

For a woman, it takes her long back and brings back sweet memories of her wedding day. How she decked up for her special day, How she patiently waited for the barat to come. The never-ending gossiping & banter in the bride’s room. The mixed feeling of joy and butterflies in her stomach. Not to mention the unlimited crazy photography and posing of the bride and groom. I really gave the photographer a hard time at my wedding. I already had enough of it after my ring ceremony.

All eyes on her on that day! That day would never come again.

All women look most beautiful on their wedding day. There is a beautiful glow on their face which somehow comes only that day. My husband couldn’t believe that I could actually look so beautiful, frankly speaking neither could I?

The worst part is the vidaai. It’s so hard. If I think about it, yes my eyes still get wet. Even if I see this scene in a movie I get emotional. Tears rolled down my face when I watched the movie 'Raazi' especially when they played the song 'Dilbaro'. It's such a beautiful song. The memories remain of how she used to live with her family and eventually moved to a new family to start a brand new chapter of life.

The funny part is that at my wedding all my friends were sitting and gossiping while we were waiting for the barat to come. A close friend of mine warned me that, after the whole function is over, once you reach home they would make you play a couple of games.

“What? Are you serious?” I said cluelessly.

She then told me about the so-called ‘ring game’.

“Please let your husband win!” she said.

“Why?? Bloody play it fair and square.” I exclaimed.

She nodded her head in dismay knowing how I love taking up challenges and would always give it my best shot!

And guess what, I won!

An anniversary is an eye-opener. It reminds her of how she was and how she has changed over the years. The number of sacrifices you both made for your family. How you both pulled each other through your hard times. How you supported each other through pregnancy, motherhood, and fatherhood. How we celebrate success and cope with failure. How many places you both have traveled and made sweet memories. All the crazy crap that happened once upon a time ago and laugh about it today.

Might sound daft but it is also a reminder that soon one day even your child will get married someday and start their own life.

Live each day like there is no tomorrow. Don’t waste your time fighting with each other. Rather understand and be there for each other. You need two hands to clap. You need two people to make a marriage work. Love unconditionally. At the end of the story, many people come and go but it’s always going to be the two of you together forever!

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