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Bua - You will always be Reya’s shining star!

My daughter absolutely dotes her Bua. They both share such a special bond, when I see them both together, it brings a huge smile on my face.

Sheena (nick name) is my husband's younger cousin sister and believe me, she’s great with kids. She is in college 2nd year. When I was her age, the further away the kids were from me, the happier I was. But I guess some people just have it in them. She’s a kid lover!

Sheena fell in love with Reya for the first time she held her in her arms. It was like love at first sight. Reya has always been most comfortable with Sheena. They go out, they go to the park, they go to the terrace, they go get ice-cream together and a lot more. These two do regular video chats. They both always have so much to say to each other.

All aunts and nieces are alike in some way or the other.

I just love it when Dadi and Reya go and visit her Bua. At times I would ask my mother-in-law , when are you going to visit. Take Reya along with you. In my mind I would be like ‘please go! I need space!!!!!’

Not like I don’t miss her when she’s gone but helloooo! Everyone needs some time to themselves. We mothers need to breathe!

At times when Reya is missing her Bua she would tell me ‘mama mere ko bua se baat karni hai’. (I want to speak to my aunt). So then I would give her a call and these two sit and talk about almost everything and anything

The best part is when I have to wake Reya up the day she has to go and visit her Bua, I would just shake her and tell her “REYA!!!!!! Wake up! Aaj bua house jana hai” (You’re visiting your aunt’s house today.) Promptly one eye would open. And she would jump out of bed in seconds. Don’t get me started on how to get her out of bed on the other days. So, once she’s all ready to go I'm a free bird for the rest of the day. I consider it as my day off. My husband on the other day would be restless the whole day patiently waiting for his daughter to come back home. Typical Dad! And as for me, I get to work on my blog and watch Netflix or me and Nishant would go catch a movie or something.

Reya has a fun-filled day at ‘Bua House!’ She gets to nibble on all the junk possible which her mother never allows her to eat like chips, chocolate, biscuits and a whole lot more. Sheena would feed her lunch and Reya would eat without troubling her. Not even bother her for one bite. HOW? WHY? Why don’t such things happen when I feed her. Or when she eats at home? Sigh!

These two would sit together and draw, color and do whatever they want to do. One of Reya’s most loved activities is drawing. Reya is ready to draw even at 1 am. There was this one time she woke up at 4:30 am. Awake! Fresh as a lark! Then at 5:30 am she wanted to do drawing. In my sleep I even handed her, her crayons and her drawing book. So yeah! You can imagine how much my daughter loves drawing.

So yeah coming back to these two, once Reya comes back home with Dadi in the evening she would be too excited because she would have so much to say about her day. She would go on and on about it until she falls asleep.

Buas (Aunts) & nieces share a unique special bond together. They are brought together by blood and stick together by love. This relationship is so awesome because as a Bua you share a relation with a little girl that is different from her mother’s and grandmother’s role. This kind of relationship tend to be more fun. All aunts and nieces are alike in some way or the other.

I’m so grateful that Reya has someone like Sheena in her life. When she grows up she would have someone to fall back on. Someone to be there to talk about all the little tit bits of life. She would be her pillar of strength! It can’t get better than this! Blessed to have her in our life!

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