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College Sweethearts

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Herschel was all set to go for the Christmas dance party. He wore dark blue jeans and his favorite lucky white shirt. Herschel added a tinge of gel to his curly hair. He was nervous yet excited at the same time. Herschel wanted everything to be perfect for tonight. Afterall he was finally going to ask Jina out.

Herschel and Jina were college buddies. They studied in RMS college of commerce in Margao, Goa. They both bunked college and would hang out at fast food joints and while away their time pulling each other’s leg and chit-chatting along with a gang of friends. Jina was only 18 years old, and Herschel was a year older than her; these two were the best of friends. And over some time, he started to have feelings for Jina. He fell in love with his best friend.

“I wonder what Jina would say after I tell her how I feel about her?” he thought to himself as he reached the restaurant, Cupids Haven, for the Christmas party.

The usual gang of friends had already reached. Jokes were flying around, and Herschel saw Jina sitting amongst them all looking pretty as ever in an orange halter dress. She had her hair let down. Her beautiful brown eyes lit up as she saw Herschel entered the restaurant. Ever since he started having feelings for her, he would always feel that spark every time he would meet her.

There was always something about Jina that made this heart skip a beat. She’s so caring, loving, and kind. She would always do for others and never expect anything in return.

They smiled at each other and hugged and said, “Merry Christmas!” They danced together and had the time of their lives. When the time was right, Herschel gathered his courage and finally told Jina that he is in love with her. But the timing wasn’t right. And Jina preferred being just the way they were. Herschel’s heart turned into a deflated balloon.

But that wasn’t the last attempt made by Herschel to express his unconditional love for Jina. He never gave up on her. They remained the best of friends. Finally, after two long years, Jina said yes. She just knew deep down that he is the one.

Herschel was on top of the world. In the year 2002, they started a new chapter of their lives. Back in the day, they would meet now and then. And of course, they communicated through the love saving landline. Since cell phones were too expensive at that time, they would write love letters to each other, expressing their feelings for each other. Jina’s mother also found a love letter given by Herschel. But since both sides of the family knew about the two of them, it turned into quite a funny and embarrassing moment.

Herschel always had a knack for singing. He took up singing professionally in the year 2000, and there was no looking back.

Jina would attend his performance and would have a ball. He would sing for her and dedicate songs to Jina.

He would sweep off her feet every single time every time.

Herschel and Jina stuck by each other through their ups and downs for seven years. She’s said to be the one that keeps him level headed. Finally, in 2008 they took the plunge and became man and wife.

Today, Herschel and Jina are happily married for the past twelve years. They both have two kids, Zach and Zoe. Both kids have brought immense joy and love to their parents. They both love the sun, sand, beach, and love spending most of their time outdoors together.

Jina and Herschel are like two little romantic lovebirds. They both enjoy each other’s company, and that it’s just not enough. They both love going for long drives together. Cooking their favourite food is their favorite thing to do. But after having two naughty little kiddos running around in the house, they get to spend less time with each other. But they make it a point to spend quality time together before calling it a night. They both would gossip over a cup of herbal tea and chat about their day.

Herschel says, “I’m super happy! I wouldn’t want to change a thing! God has given me everything! I can’t be more grateful.”

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