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Did you feel like a BABY ELEPHANT post delivery?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Did you feel like a baby elephant post delivery?? Here are some tips to give you a heads up!

I felt like a baby elephant, a fat potato, all the fat things you can think about post pregnancy.

People say you lose quite a lot of weight post delivery but it really doesn't feel like since you have such a huge tummy still hanging down there.

I got the shock of my life when I saw my naked self in the mirror on the second day after my delivery. I just stared at the mirror for a few seconds to digest the whole picture. You can imagine how many explicit words ran through my head at that point of time.

Frankly speaking it was one of the reasons for my baby blues.

I was about 53 kilos when I got pregnant. My weight went up to about 70 kilos in my third trimester. It took almost one and a half years to get back in shape and shed all that baby weight. I'm so happy to tell you guys that i'm back to 53 kilos again! Lucky me!

Did I diet? No!

Did I go online and search for a way to lose that baby weight? Yes i did. But I never actually got down to implying any of it.

Did I go to a dietician? No!

Did I workout? Yes! I did! Whenever I had the time. But it was never regular. I never had the chance to join a gym or fitness classes. There was always something or the other cropping up to stop me from following an exercise routine.

So, what did I do?

Well, it was pretty simple I ate a healthy diet and I never sat on my backside. I was up and about all day.

Here is a reality check! It took you 9 months to grow a tiny little baby in your womb, it’s going to take you at least one and a half years to shed all that baby weight.

Here what you need to keep in mind and do!

  1. DON’T try on you old clothes until the first 6 months. If you think some magic has happened to your body over the past six months and you are going to fit into your old clothes which you used to wear before getting pregnant your highly mistaken my friend.

  2. STOP weighing yourself - Don’t go crazy weighing yourself everyday or every week. You’ll go bonkers. I’m not saying not weigh yourself at all. You can. But now more than twice a month or maybe less.

  3. Breastfeed - I have read in many articles that breastfeeding helps you lose weight. Now how much of it is true that is for you to decide since I didn’t breastfeed for too long. So I really can’t be the judge of that.

  4. Exercise- I know being a mother can be very hard, you might have time constraints and you’re half of the time drained. But at least try to exercise four times a week. I downloaded an app called 7 minute workout. The thought of me only spending 20 minutes doing stretches satisfied me. And I could feel the change in my body. I felt stronger and more energized mentally and physically.

  5. Go for a walk - One of the best methods to stay fit is to walk. Take your baby in the pram and go for a walk. It would be a change for your baby to get out of the house.

  6. Take the stairs - Believe me on this point! Don’t use the elevator. I maKe at least 20 trips up and down everyday. I really curse sometimes but then I tell myself it’s worth it.

  7. Eat healthy food - Have a proper balanced diet. Now I don't need to explain what all a balanced diet consists of I’m sure you guys know it already.

  8. Throw out the junk - Try to avoid junk food, too much sweets, biscuits, fried stuff, soft drinks. Your body doesn't need all that stuff.

  9. Stop checking people out on social media - Hello!! You don’t need to compare yourself to what to see online. Come you. Nobody is the same. Everyone’s body reacts differently. Love yourself!

  10. BE HAPPY - Lastly, be happy with yourself, with your body, with your life. If you’re going to sit in one corner and suffer well trust me, it’s not going to take you anywhere.

So go ahead!! Get your act together. Don’t sit on your butt all day thinking how it’s going to happen. It’s upto you to make it happen.

You got this! :

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