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Father & Daughter

I have always looked up to my father since I was a little girl. Always have and always will. He is always there at the back of my mind in good times and bad. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is text my dad ‘Morning D!’ or I would wake up to his text message saying ‘Good morning Darling’. It always brings a huge smile on my face and sort of kick starts my day.

My mother used to tell me when I was a kid I would wait for dad to come back home and would refuse to sleep. But, the moment I saw him I promptly used to plop off to bed whenever I was; the bed, the couch, wherever!

There were times when I was a toddler I would sit on his tummy and play with the hair on his chest. Eventually he would fall off to sleep and I would be blabbering and pulling away.

Father & daughter bond is irreplaceable.

Me and my dad go back a long way. We share such a beautiful relationship we can talk about anything in this world. I never hesitate to ask him anything. I always give him the biggest hug when I go home to visit for a few days. My mother says we both have the same reaction towards many things. We also end up saying the exact same things without knowing each others reactions. It makes us feel so bonded. I really miss my dad after getting married. I miss the good old days of sitting and chatting over dinner, our long walks, our drive to work. I still remember how the tears just rolled down my cheeks when I said goodbye to him on my wedding day. It was the tightest hug I had ever given anyone. Sigh! Time really flies.

Now, I see that same thing happening right in front of me. I see my daughter wait for her father to come home and refuses to sleep. She isn’t satisfied until she doesn't play and have a little conversation of their own before she decides to even think about going to bed. There are a number of other cute little things that make their bond so strong. To start with, their sleep cycle. They both sleep and wake up at the same time. They brush their teeth together. They eat breakfast at the same time and sometimes together, depending upon whether Reya wants to run around and eat her breakfast. It's amazing how God has made them both look and behave so identical.

Dad & Daughter - Together Forever!

Dads and Daughters Relationship are one of a kind.

When a girl grows up many men will come and go, some may leave footprints behind but the one who stays forever is YOU! Her father.

  • The only man who would love her and cherish her forever.

  • The only man who will always stand by her side through her thick and thin.

  • The only man she will call ‘Dada’ and waddle towards him to hug him when he comes home from work.

  • The only man she would play 'clapping games' with.

  • The only man who would teach her all the fun stuff in life.

  • The only man who will always wipe away those tears and make her laugh.

  • The only man who will always be her support system forever.

  • The only man who will unconditionally love her and protect her.

  • The only man she would confide in with all her pain and sorrows.

  • The only man she would look upto forever. You are her role model.

At the end, the only thing that matters is both of you.

It doesn’t matter if your daughter is a baby, a toddler, a child, a teenager, entering adult life, it’s never too late to build the most powerful relationship. A father daughter relationship that lasts forever!

I love you dad! Thank you for always being my pillar of strength!

I have always got you !

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