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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

There is nothing in this world that is more heartwarming when your parents meet your child. The look on their faces is priceless.

Reya has been pestering me to go visit her nani. She would say “mama nani house jana hai”. So finally we made a plan and came to visit.

That day she won’t want to do anything but get ready and leave. She would be too excited to do anything else. When Reya was a few months old she used to be scared of her nanu. Maybe because of his built and grey hair. But I was determined to get over that phase and make them get to know one another and become the best of friends. And it eventually it did.

Now nanu teaches her all sorts of naughty things. He loves it when she makes noise and sings. She has so much to say to him. He calls her little miss chatterbox! (Ideal name for her). Her nani is one of her favourite’s.

Reya and her Nanu

They both absolutely adore each other. I think all nani’s have this special place in their hearts. They both regularly speak to each over the phone when they aren’t together. Nani would shower her with little little goodies to play with which makes Reya get all excited.

Reya lives with her dadhi and dadhu. Her dadhi makes delicious halwa for her which she binged on. They both are up to something or the other for most of the day.

Dadhu and Reya just adore one another. They get along like a house on fire. Dadhu has to meet Reya before he leaves for work. If she is still sleeping he would come upstairs cuddle her and leave for work. But dadhu ka huggy banta hai.

Grandparents and grandkids share such an amazing bond with which is so pure, innocent and meaningful. Make your kids meet their grandparents. Regularly. Each of them share a special bond with one another. Make it happen. Don’t snatch it away from them.

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