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Happy Feet!

We try our best to look after ourselves during pregnancy but at times we tend to neglect our feet. Remember your feet are bearing all your weight. After all, they are the reason you can walk around or should I say waddle around.

Did you know that some women go up a shoe size? I wish mine did, I have really tiny feet.

Here are a few tips to take care of your feet during your pregnancy-

  • Heels are a big no-no!! You need to wear flat comfortable shoes. Preferably ones that are anti-skid and have a good grip. The last thing you need is to fall over because of those high heels. You can also add an insole to make your shoes more comfortable.

  • Since your hormones are going hay-wire your skin tends to lose its elasticity. Rub coconut oil on them before you sleep. You need to keep them soft and hydrated.

  • You need to stay active and keep moving around. It helps increase the blood circulation in your legs and feet. You can sit for some time and make sure you get up and walk around for a bit.

  • Avoid standing entirely still. If you are standing in a queue, try rotating your ankles in a circular motion or walking on the spot or wriggle your toes.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Why? Because you need to flush out all the toxins. Cut down on salt and caffeine. Why? Because it makes your body hold on to the extra fluids even longer.

  • Exercise! The best way to have healthy happy feet is to exercise. The more you move, the more the blood flows out from your feet and to the rest of the body. But too much exercise can make your feet swell. So, you need to balance it out.

  • Swollen painful feet can really be a pain. Apply an ice pack to your feet to ease the pain and reduce the swelling.

  • Keep your feet elevated when lying down. Put a pillow below your feet. It reduces swelling and it helps you sleep better.

  • Don’t get alarmed if you notice some changes in your nails. They could grow faster than usual. They could also change colour. This is due to the change in hormones, increased blood volume.

  • Sometimes women tend to get flat feet during their pregnancy. The arch below your foot tends to flatten due to your body weight.

  • Some women develop corns on their feet. This can be very painful. You can use a corn pad. It is easily available at the chemist. It helps and gives relief within a day or two.

Make sure you take care of yourself during your pregnancy. Stay healthy and stay happy!

You got this!

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