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I don’t need you to sexually satisfy me! I just need you to love me!

She laid there on her side of the bed staring at the fan rotate. She looked on her left and saw her beautiful one-year-old, Ranveer fast asleep and right next to him was her husband snoring loudly in deep sleep.

Their little badmash was somehow used to his father’s snoring. They felt it made him sleep better or gave him a sense of security.

Naina couldn’t get to sleep that night even though she was exhausted from her usual routine. Never-ending chores. She looked at the clock and saw it was already 3 am. She told herself to sleep as she would have to struggle to get out of bed the next morning since women never get a chance to wake up late. Especially if you are a mother.

But she just couldn’t get any shut-eye. She kept tossing and turning trying to find the ideal position to sleep. Naina eventually gave up and started staring at the fan again.

She closed her eyes and started to think about the good old days and how their lives used to be when they both were dating. And then after 3 years, they started a new chapter, marriage. The first year of marriage had its ups and downs. New life, new family, new house, new bedroom, new cupboard. Too much happening for a young lady at one time.

But they both were happy. They used to make the most of their time spent with each other. Starting from movie date nights, long drives, dinner dates with friends. Every weekend they would be up to something or the other. They both were madly in love with each other. They used to make love every day. It used to be intense. Seductive. No words can actually describe that feeling of being in his arms moaning for more.

As Naina’s thoughts went deeper she dozed off. The next morning she woke up groggy. She thought to herself ‘is life moving too fast? Or am I having a hard time catching up?’ She dragged herself out of bed and started her usual routine like any other day.

Her husband was getting ready for work. He stood in front of the dressing table setting his hair. He was in his own world thinking about what he has to get done at the office. She came up to him from behind and kissed him on his back softly and said, “Prateek I had a dream about us making fierce love last night. Not once but thrice.

He looked at her and held her by her waist and said, “aaj pakka janeman but by the time I get home from work we both are so exhausted! But let’s see! Anyways have a lot on my mind right now let’s talk about it when I come back.”

She sighed and said, “hmmm.” Are you going to be late?

“No no, I just have a couple of important meetings to take care of and I’ll be home by the usual time around 10ish darling”, said Prateek.

Naina and Ranveer stood at the door and happily waved bye to daddy dear.

Naina let out a sigh after closing the door and looked at her little prince and said, “let’s give you a nice bath and put you to bed. You’ve been up early today and then mommy has a ton of chores to take care of.”

Once Naina was done with all her baby chores and put Ranveer down for a nap she finally thought it was time for her to have a quick shower. She undressed and looked at herself in the mirror. She looked at her stomach and remembered it used to be a flat 26-inch waist. And now it was a typical postpartum belly with stretch marks on it. She had lost a bit of baby weight over the year but she knew her body would never be the same again.

‘Maybe this is the reason why Prateek and I don’t make love anymore?’ Naina started doubting herself and her appearance. After her shower, she wore the same clothes she wears at home. Then it struck her again. ‘Maybe Prateek is bored of seeing the same type of clothes every day?’ Instead, she picked out an outfit she used to wear before having a baby. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit. Naina felt sad. She felt hollow from inside.

But then she thought to herself I must get the spark back in my relationship. She decided to take a step forward and make it work. She was tired of being depressed, sitting at home having her husband always complain, “Naina you always look sad, you don’t look happy anymore?” “Naina you are always so busy with the household chores, we don’t get to spend any time together like we used to.”

Naina was fed up. She needed help. She felt unloved. She felt her life evolved only around her child and household chores.

That night she confided in Prateek. She told him everything she was feeling and burst into tears. Prateek at first was taken back. He didn’t realize that after having a baby he let go of his wife. He hugged her tight and said “I love you. We shall make it better!” That night they both cuddled up and slept in each other’s arms.

The next morning Naina woke up happy. She smiled at herself in the mirror. She looked after her little bundle of joy without any anger or irritation. Ranveer hardly cried that day. She finished all her chores and took Ranveer out for a stroll in the pram in the evening. Prateek came home earlier than usual. He helped her cook dinner and played with his little boy. After Ranveer slept they both watched a movie together and chatted about their day.

Naina was in the kitchen making a cup of tea And she thought to herself, ‘why didn't I say anything earlier? The last couple of months could have been so much easier.’

Prateek walked up to Naina and held her in his arms and said, “We should have done this a long time ago. I’ve missed us”

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