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Jhadoo ki Jhapii

Do you hug your child everyday?

Do you hug your husband everyday?

Do you know why it is important to hug someone?

Well, to start with, hugging someone helps us grow! Hugging makes you happier. It reduces the stress level in your body. It relaxes our muscles and reduces anger and anxiety. Hugs elevate our mood and create happiness. They also keep us healthy!

Did you know, that people suffering from high blood pressure should hug for over 20 seconds, 8 times a day it would control their high blood pressure? Just by hugging! That’s amazing!

Hugging teaches us how to love. It increases the flow of giving and receiving. Hugging makes us appreciate more and makes one feel important. Therapists say, “we need at least four hugs a day for survival! 8 hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs for growth!” Are you hugging enough?

It's the best feeling in the world to hug your only grandchild.

We as parents try to do our best for our little ones. We are constantly worried and concerned about them related to any aspect of their lives. Be it eating, school, peer pressure, potty training, their sleep cycle. Everything from the day they are born!

But there is something that gives one a magical feeling, a feeling of being protected, a feeling of being wanted, a feeling of being loved, this something is a hug!

Hugging your child is something you must do every day! Sometimes we mothers need a hug more than they do; well at least I know I do.

Why is hugging your little one so important -

  • When a baby is born, the first sensory is touch. The sense of security they get when they are carried, cuddled is irreplaceable. It gives them assurance of feeling safe and loved. Not only that, it also helps in brain development.

  • Hugging reduces temper tantrums - If your kid is angry or upset about something, give them a hug. Count from 1 to 10. See the difference after a couple of minutes. Let the hug do it’s magic!

  • Hugging releases a hormone called oxytocin. Once the level of oxytocin increases it helps them grow and keeps them healthy.

  • Hugging helps you bond with your kids. It not only improves your relationship but also increases trust and reduces fear.

  • Hugs reduce the communication gap between the two of you.

  • Hugs make you happy. They make your kids happy!

Make it a point to spread hugs!! You also need to teach your kid, they don’t have to hug every tom, dick and harry. Make them learn to draw the line.

Huggy karo! Lekin dil se karo!

You got this!

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