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MOM! A girl's best friend

I was the first girl that was born in my dad’s side of the family. They all envied my mother because there were already so many baby boys in the family. They all wanted a girl but my mom got lucky. She had me. Actually I am lucky to have her.

I was a handful when I was a baby. Always up to something or the other. There was this one time while we were staying in UK and were moving back to India. Her hands were full with all the packing. I was such a terror! She would meticulously (one of her traits) pack the boxes and I would gush in like one tornado, would unpack them and sit in the box. Real helpful!

Another time, curious little me managed to find a pair of scissors, I cut the laces of my brother's new shoes AND the curtains in the drawing room. Obviously I was caught red handed! I can go on and on because the number of naughty things I have done as a child is endless!

Mother & Daughter. Year 1989

My mom used to make our birthdays so special. She would call our friends over and we would have a party. The best part was the cake because she would bake it herself. She would have different themes every year. Like when she baked a barbie mermaid cake, a funny ghost cake, a delicious chocolate cake. Where she gets the ideas from, and the energy to do so much, amazes me. We both share the same birthday. She would spend the entire day making it worth for me but would never think about herself. But as I grew up we did things together on our birthdays and made them special.

But she somehow managed looking after two kids, endless house chores, her creative art exhibitions & a happy husband. How did she do it all, is beyond me. At times I ask her “Ma! How did you do it all single handedly?” She would just say “I don’t know dear, just somehow pulled through.”

I’ve always been very close to my mother. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that we don’t talk. Either texting or chatting over the phone. Some days are really crazy when we don’t have a chance to catch up so either there would be a text message from me or her saying ‘all ok?’ by the end of the day. My mom has pulled me through a lot of hard times. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for her. I am so grateful to have her as my mother.

My mom is also my best travelling partner. We have travelled to many places together and they have turned out to be the best trips ever! One of our best trips was when we went to Sri Lanka. It was such an awesome trip. We had only booked our first night when we arrived in Colombo and went with the flow for the rest of our days there. There after it was nothing but unlimited fun and adventure. I miss taking trips with her. We should plan one soon Ma!

We have done everything together! Be it getting inked to paragliding, shopping to planning my wedding. We have covered it all! And believe me, I couldn't have asked for more.

My mother is another version of Dr. Doolittle. She has such unconditional love for animals. When she was a kid she had a little squirrel named Puchi. Little Puchi used to go to school with her, Puchi would then play and hang around until Ma would finish school. She somehow knew when school got over and would find my mother and go back home with her in her pocket. She’s not only good with squirrels but all sorts of animals, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, dogs, turtles. You name it, she can take care of them.

I still remember when I brought my little pug home, she was so tiny, she was the size of my palm. It was all thanks to my mother who nurtured her and looked after her and made her strong. She used to feed her milk with a dropper. We named her Michelle! It was one of the best things that happened to us and it was all because of her.

Being a mom is hard work! I understand that now after having a child of my own. It is such an eye opener and makes you realise that whatever they say or do for you it makes sense. We always tend to take our mothers for granted. Thinking if ‘Ma’ is there, everything shall be taken care of. But it’s up to you to make that change.

Now that I have a daughter of my own I can see us turning out to be the best of friends just like me and my mom. My heart skips a beat everytime my little one reaches out for me and calls me ‘mama’. It’s the best feeling in the world. Nobody can take that away from you.

Mothers are like angels from heaven who look upon their little ones.

  • She is the only one who is a walking talking manual for everything.

  • She is the only one who can wipe those tears away and make you feel better.

  • She is the only one who you crack all sorts of jokes with and giggle with through the night.

  • She is the only one who understands you the most and will always have your back.

  • She is the only one who knows how much it hurts when you are sad because she can feel the pain.

  • She is the only one who will hold your little finger and teach you how to take your first few steps as a baby.

  • She is the only one who will fight the world to keep you safe.

  • She is the only one who will understand all your wants and desires and tries her best to fulfill them.

  • She is the only one who is irreplaceable. She can take the place of others but nobody in this world can take her place.

  • She is the only one who has carried you for nine months in her womb and nurtured you and kept you safe.

  • She is the only one who teaches you how to cook your first meal.

  • She is the only one who would teach you to kick ass and not get bullied.

  • She is the only one who gives the best hugs in the world.

“My mother stands firmly on her two feet and I just behind her; should she ever need me”, - J. Iron Word.

You complete my world ma. I Love you forever ❤️

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