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Reya's first experience of painting

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The first time Reya held a paintbrush was at the end of last month. There was this one time where her dad was coming late and Reya had a long nap in the afternoon and there was no hope for her to sleep on time that night.

So we both came up to our room and started playing a game called ‘what goes together’ and ate mango together. We had fun but we finished off pretty quickly.

Then I decided to get her ready for bed. You know the usual routine. Wash her hands, brush her teeth and change her into her night suit. She was still wide awake.

Reya told me “ mama let's do something”. I had a feeling she was bored and full of energy and needed to do something new and different.

So, I took out a box of paints and a paintbrush. And I told her “lets paint”. Her eyes started to beam with excitement. She had such a big smile on her face.

So, we sat down and I added some paint to a plastic egg tray (perfect to mix paint) and I dipped the brush and I handed it to her.

After she painted her first stroke she looked at me and said “PAINTING”. We laughed and I said “ yes betu, painting”. I immediately did a video chat with her nani since she is also an artist. She was so excited.

As Reya kept painting she asked me for which colour she wants to add to her piece of art. And guess what. She knew all the colours in the box. Yaaaaay!! Then we cleaned up and finished off. She was done for the day. Finally she slept and I could finally relax.

The next morning the first thing she told when she woke up was “painting”. So ever since that day we paint every afternoon. She loves the colours and brushes. She loves the idea of getting her hands all dirty.

We also did block painting with carved carrot and bhindi. Reya’s little sister Kaira also joined us yesterday afternoon. She decided to paint with her finger. Then she got bored and wanted to go look for her mother. Kaira left her fingerprints all over the floor as she crawled out of the room. And Reya saw her and she started painting the floor with her brush. Then Reya thought, hmmm let me also dip my fingers in the paint and see. Surprisingly she did and she didn’t say chi chi ho gaya.

They both are so cute together. Today we did spray painting with an old toothbrush. She was even more excited.

She wanted to paint at night also.

But since she was tired and had a long say she decided it call it a night!

Give you child something to look forward to.

It’s a challenge to keep them busy and think of new things to do with them everyday. But this is the time when we as mothers can mould our little ones.

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