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She says POTTY but she doesn't really mean POTTY!

I was meeting my mother after almost a month. We usually meet more often but the previous month was really hectic for the both of us our plans never worked out. So, the next month I decided to stay for a couple of days with my daughter at Nani’s house.

My daughter had grown since her Nani Nanu had last seen her. She was going to turn two in a couple of months. I planned my trip accordingly as my friend was coming from Bangalore to visit so it would be two birds with one stone.

The next day, I left my daughter at home with Nani. I never tell my daughter I’m stepping out for a bit; the last thing I need is for her to create a ruckus behind my back even though I was going to be gone only for a couple of hours.

It was another feeling to be on your own. Not having to do anything related to motherhood for a couple of hours. Bliss! Only a mother can understand this feeling.

The day went by great. My brother and a friend joined us for lunch. We spent the afternoon chilling and pulling each other’s legs. I was in touch with my mother on Whatsapp to see what Reya was up to, whether she was driving Nani up the wall. But it was all good and she was at her best behaviour! Good Girl!

When it was time to go home my friends said that they all wanted to come home and meet my daughter since it had been ages they all had seen her. We picked up another friend on the way home.

Once we reached the house full of chitter-chatter and out came Reya from Nani’s room. She looked at everyone and froze. Reya had never so many new faces at one time. She held Nani’s hand tight and scanned the room looking for her mother.

Everyone welcomed with a huge smile and said “Hi Reya!!”

Reya looked around and loudly said “POTTTTTTTTY!”

Immediately all eyes were on me. And I said, “she doesn’t need to do potty, she says potty because she knows that only her mother would make her sit on the pot so she gets to be with me and escape the current situation.”

We all had a good laugh!

But my daughter Reya didn’t much care for all the noise and laughter. And she said it again, “POTTYY!!” She came over to me and I sat her down next to me on the couch. She sat for a couple of minutes but then thought to herself ‘let me walk around for a bit’.

Reya roamed around the living room, wanting to get to know these new faces. But the moment any one of them caught hold of her or even spoke to her she would start off again and say “POTTTTTY!!”

The word ‘potty’ was said so many times that evening that eventually my friends told me that from today your new name is potty. This incident is still laughed about to date. I just thought I would share the hilarious memories of my little brat. They grow up fast. Do share your funny memories of your little one in the comments below.

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