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The Black Bra.

Naina had a quiet peaceful shower. She wrapped herself in a towel and walked out of the bathroom. She had water dripping from her wet hair onto her naked shoulders. She tied her hair in a towel and looked through her wardrobe wondering what to wear. She was in her own world, humming the song ‘sexy eyes’ sung by Whigfield playing the background on her Bose music system.

Humming away, she opened her drawer and scanned her lingerie section. She finally dug out her favourite black lace bra. While putting on the hooks she thought to herself, ‘I’ve not worn this sexy one in a long time. I wonder why?’

She then turned around and admired herself in the mirror for a few seconds.

Naina wore the same old usual home clothes, a pair of tracks and a t-shirt and made her way to the living room to work on her presentation she had later in the afternoon.

She made herself a banana milkshake and sat by the window and glanced at the usual hustle-bustle outside and then buried herself in the presentation to give it a last-minute glance.

After a while, she looked at the clock. It was almost time for her son Ranveer to come back from school.

The doorbell rang. Naina jumped out of her seat and charged to open the door. There stood mommy dear. They both hugged like they hadn’t met in ages. Whereas actually her mother lived just across the road and they usually met almost every alternate day.

“I’m so relieved to see you! My meeting was last-minute Ma” explained Naina.

“Oh, dear! Please go, Ranveer is great with me, you know that. You go to your meeting. We both will have a great time together. Who did you say your meeting was with? I forgot, again! You know how forgetful your mother is. I'm getting old you see beta.” explained Ma.

“Here we go again!” said Naina rolling her eyes!

She then held her mother by her shoulder and said, “You’re not old Ma! You’re still young! Alive and kicking! Age is just a number.” And gave her a big hug.

“Chai?” asked Naina.

“Yes! I would love a cup of tea.” Ma said excitedly.

“So, today’s meeting is with the group from Bangalore, I told you about last week,” said Naina heading towards the kitchen.

Naina returned with two cups of tea and some digestive biscuits. She placed it on the dining table and told her mother to come and take a seat. They both chatted and peacefully sipped their cup of tea.

Her mother noticed Naina was on another level today. She looked happy in a different way.

‘You look different today.” enquired Ma.

Yes! Actually, I’m kinda feeling really good about myself today. Naina replied while sipping her cup of tea.

“What’s new?” curiously asked Ma.

“Actually nothing! Same old everything. It’s not because of the meeting I’m going to, that’s for sure. But something does feel different.” said Naina.

After chatting for a bit, Naina finished her cup of tea and hopped out of the chair and said," I’m going to get ready, I don’t want to be late for my meeting. I will see you in the evening. I want to leave before Ranveer comes back from school, I don’t want him to freak out when he doesn’t see me at home.” She kissed her forehead and went to get ready.

After a while, Naina walked out of her room wearing a beautiful blue chiffon sari with a dark blue blouse. She let her hair down and winked at her mother with her beautiful kohl eyes. She picked up the car keys and said, “Bye Ma, I’ll see you in a bit. Ranveer will be home in half an hour. Love you!”

After a couple of hours, Naina finished up with her meeting and headed home. She fought her way through the traffic and was delighted to meet her blue-eyed boy. She hadn’t got a chance to spend any time with him throughout the day. She gave him a hug and a big kiss and said, “Sorry betu, Mumma wasn’t home after you came back from school.”

Ranveer was beaming with joy to see his mother and started blabbering about every little detail that happened at school. She took him by the hand and looked around the house for Nani.

Nani was busy in the kitchen preparing a snack for her grandson.

“Hi, Ma! I hope Ranveer didn’t trouble you?” said Naina.

“Oh Hi!! I didn’t hear you come in. Oh no! Absolutely not. We had a great time together, didn’t we Ranveer.”

Ranveer smiled and nodded.

How was your meeting?” enquired Ma.

“It went great. They will let me know later today. So, let’s see. I’ve got my fingers crossed.” replied Naina while seating Ranveer at the dining table so he could eat his evening snack.

The doorbell rang. Naina opened the door and smiled at her husband standing there looking drained. “The traffic is murder,” he said and kissed his wife on her forehead as he entered the house.

“I know! It took me almost an hour and a half to get home,” cribbed Naina.

Both mother and son-in-law said a quick hi - bye as Naina’s dad was supposed to be home soon. Naina then said bye to her mother and gave her a big hug.

Naina headed to the bedroom and thought to herself, ‘Finally, I can change my clothes. Now, What the hell do I cook for dinner?’ She thought to herself.

Prateek called out to Naina from the drawing-room and said, “Do you want to go out for dinner? Arjun just texted if we can meet up.”

“Yes! Sounds great!” promptly Naina replied and said to herself, ‘Yes! I got lucky today!’

The three of them went out for dinner. Ranveer had a great time playing with Arjun’s son. Overall it was an evening spent well.

The three of them came home feeling relaxed and tired. Luckily it wasn’t a school day the next day.

Naina helped Ranveer get ready for bed. She tucked him in and kissed him good night.

Naina entered the bedroom and crashed on the bed next to Prateek.

Want to watch a movie? Asked Prateek.

“You decide. You never like my choice. You want to watch the fighting and the dishum dishum.” said Naina.

Naina changed into her night suit.

He stopped her and said, 'you're wearing your ‘good mood bra’ I can see.

“Oh ya! That does explain a lot in terms of how my day has gone!” exclaimed Naina.

“What do you mean?” Enquired Prateek.

“You really want the answer to that?” Said Naina.

“Why do women wear such expensive bras?” wondered Prateek.

“Because it makes us women feel good from within!” she said and pecked on his lips.

Prateek pondered to himself, ‘I will never understand women!’

But the next thing you know, Prateek lifted Naina in his arms and they both made their night worthwhile. And of course, the movie was kept on hold.

Naina later sent a text message to her mother saying “wearing my happy bra! Maybe that’s why I looked so different today. I also just got an email from the people from the Bangalore office. My work is approved! And by the way, Ranveer was missing you after you left. See you tomorrow! Love.”

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