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The Three Musketeers!

Reya absolutely dotes her brother Kabir. Infact ‘bhai’ was Reya’s first word. The word mumma or mumbling m’s never existed for her. It was just ‘bhai.’ Kabir drilled the word ‘BHAI’ in her head since she was two months old. Everytime he had a chance, he would say “BHAI!” “BHAI!” . First thing in the morning, after he came back from school, before she would go to bed, he just never gave up or missed an opportunity. We all used to have a good laugh.

Kabir was on top of the world when Reya was born. He finally got a sibling after six years. A year after Reya was born along came the third musketeer, our little angel, Kaira.

Reya was very amused with Kaira when she came home from the hospital. She was fascinated. I could see the love and joy beaming in her eyes. When I got the news that it was a girl I was delighted. I knew from that very minute that they would be sisters for life.

Reya and Kaira follow Kabir all over the house. Wherever he is, whatever he is doing, they have to be a part of it. I actually sometimes feel bad for the poor chap because I feel he, at times, wants to be left alone but he perpetually has these two little ones sitting on his head, driving him insane. But either he is surprisingly patient or he is screaming his head off at me or his mother to come to his rescue and take both the little brats away, so he can have some peace.

The best is when Kabir comes back from school. Both the sisters drop everything.whatever they are up to, is put to a halt! They both go trotting behind Kabir just waiting to be acknowledged, and cuddled. Reya and Kabir even have a special handshake that include boom and boomda and 3-4 styles of handshakes.

He is like a superhero for both of them.

Reya and Kaira end up doing a lot of things together. They both usually eat together if their sleep patterns match. But if one is eating the other automatically eats as well.(Thank God!) Reya will sit at her table and chair and eat whereas Kaira doesn’t stay put in one place. Kaira will come and inspect what Reya is eating, then she would have a few bites from Reya’s plate. In the background you would hear Kaira’s mother saying “you both are eating the same thing, come back here!!”You really have to run after her to get her to eat. She’s the youngest but she makes us all jump and keeps us on our toes. Their dadu has named her ‘Chirmati.’ At times even Reya calls her Chirmati.

These two love going to the terrace and the park. Basically everywhere together. I remember we recently took them for a stroll in the colony. We finished about half a round when Kaira decided she doesn’t want to sit in her pram anymore and she wanted to walk. Obviously, Reya saw what she was doing and then she also decided that she wants to get off her tricycle and she also wants to walk. It was quite a challenge to bring them both back home. They didn't even want to hold our hands. But we somehow managed. Mothers always pull through somehow.

The craziness begins when these two little ones start fighting over stuff. They would fight about the smallest things possible.

If she has it, then why can’t I? I also want!

No! I want what is in her hand.

Why did she snatch my teddy? I want that teddy.

Then the crying starts which gets louder and louder.

Some days are really crazy, I don’t mean to sound horrible but at times I want to just leave them both in one room and let them go crazy on each other. I really wonder how people manage twins?

These three love Peppa Pig, including Kabir. Believe it or not! When things are going really crazy we let them watch some telly. It’s the most quiet time of the day besides when they are asleep.

The best is when Reya & Kaira play hide and seek. Reya has two places that are fixed where she would go and hide. Kaira will be with me till we count to 10 and Reya would go hide. I would then ask Kaira, “Reya kaha gayi??”(Where has Reya gone?) “Let’s go look for Reya.” And Kaira would give me that worried look and grunt loudly and she would also go to only those two fixed places where Reya hides.

As we enter the room, I would say “Reya kaha gayi??”

Reya would giggle and say “Main yaha hoon” and still keep hiding.

Once Kaira has found her she would grunt happily and point at Reya.

It pretty hilarious if you ask me.

It’s funny how somehow two out of these three are always color coordinated. Either Reya and Kaira are wearing the same color t-shirt or pyjamas or Kabir and Kaira are. Reya says “sab same same hai.” “Sab blue blue hai.” it’s amazing how much kids notice the smallest things and it gives them immense joy.

The house is like a fish market when all of them are together, there would be crying, screaming, laughter all the emotions one can possibly think of, jam packed at one time. But it gets too quiet when even one of them isn't there.

Recently, Dussehra went by. Bhabi went to her place with all three of them. She insisted that she would take Reya along as well. Reya asked me if I was coming along, and I said “No, you’re going with tai mumma” They all had such a great time. Bhabi even did a video call, Reya told me that she ate lunch. I was delighted.

It’s very important for your child to grow up with siblings. It makes them stronger mentally and physically. They learn to share more and love more, most important it moulds them to be better human beings. I feel single kids tend to be more self -centred and they only end up thinking about themselves. It’s only about me, my toys, my feelings, my room and so on. And it’s the same with parents, since they have only one kid they would think about only one kid. It’s human nature.

Sibling love

Living in a joint family definitely gives you an upper hand. It gives your kid so much more exposure to the world.

Plus you know for sure that they’ll always have your back.

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