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Hi there,

I started my journey of writing after having a baby. My world revolved around my baby and family. But I was looking for something more, but I just couldn’t figure out what? 

My friends started to ask me questions regarding their pregnancy, post-delivery, what to feed their baby, and more.

And then it struck me. Why not start a blog. I thought to myself, ‘how many mothers are out there, who don’t know what to do?’ 

So, I started my journey of writing about motherhood, pregnancy, babies, and toddlers. It’s all first-hand experience of a first-time mother. Starting from postpartum depression to health issues to the overwhelming experiences of the so-called first time of any mother. 

But as time passed, I realized how much I love to write. 

So, I ventured into writing short stories. And I enjoyed every second of it. I can pen down my emotions and thoughts in words, but I can say I have evolved into a new me. My mind is perpetually wandering, thinking about different stories. 


Currently, I enjoy writing short stories. I’m also working on my first book, many more projects. You see, all you need do is take baby steps and let everything flow.


My secret ingredient for spreading happiness is writing. 

If you want to share your story, please contact me at


Stay happy!

Spread happiness!




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