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12 ways to ease period pain fast without any medication!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Periods are the worst! They can be really painful at times which can restrict you from performing your day to day activities. I really dread that time of the month so badly that at times I wish even men were tortured for a couple of days every month. I’ve heard from many people that after you have a baby your cramps reduce. No such thing!! Believe me! It didn’t happen in my case.

I’ve tried tonics and a lot of other things but nothing really seemed to work. I’m perpetually drained for the first two days and I can’t wait for those paddy days to get over!

But then, I started doing a lot of research because if you have a toddler running around and a heap of other chores there isn’t any rest time for you. So, I thought I would share a few points with you ladies to make your life easier and help you to be on your toes throughout the day.

  • Drink chamomile tea twice a day and you can literally feel your body feel calm.

  • Use a hot water bottle when you sleep at night. This works wonders. I can’t do without a hot water bottle. I don’t really prefer electronic heating pads as they don’t last very long.

  • Exercise! The last thing you want to think about but yeah it’s tried and tested. It does ease the pain. Even if you do a few stretches you would be able to feel the change in your body.

  • Drink one litre of saunf (fennel seeds) water throughout the day.

  • Add cinnamon and ginger to your diet. Cinnamon is said to reduce the cramping and ginger reduces your bleeding.

  • Have half a teaspoon of ajwain along with a pinch of salt with some water for instant relief.

  • Eat soaked raisins and kesar every morning starting from ten days before your date.

  • Eat almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds. They are rich in magnesium which reduces cramping.

  • Eat two bananas a day. This adds potassium and vitamin B6 to your diet which reduces the bloating and cramping.

  • Stay hydrated. Have warm or hot liquids. It eases the cramping.

  • Add iron to your diet. Iron is present in fish, chicken and green leafy vegetables.

Lastly, rest whenever you can. That is if you have the chance to.

Any more home remedies you know of, please leave a comment. Ease your cramps!

You got this!

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