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A hangover is better than morning sickness!

The initial stage of pregnancy can be dreadful if you have morning sickness. I was lucky I didn’t experience it every day but it did happen once in a while. And every time it did; I dreaded it.

Many of my friends gave me a ring during their pregnancy asking ‘how to deal with this pathetic phase of pregnancy.’ They complained about feeling sick and not wanting to eat anything. They were scared to eat anything, thinking they might feel sick again.

I told them “a hangover is better than morning sickness.”

Your entire day is already going downhill because your morning is ruined. You don’t feel like eating anything throughout the day.

The weirdest smell can tick you off. Your favourite food is no longer your favourite food because it makes you feel sick. The only saving grace is that it usually lasts only for the first three months of your pregnancy.

I couldn’t stand the smell of mustard oil. I would end up feeling nauseous and get a severe headache. My entire day would be a complete waste.

So, I decided to read up and do a bit of research. Not to mention I did have a chat with my gang of advisors. Here is the outcome - I’ve made it short and simple. Here is what you can try. You never know what might click! So give it a shot, no harm done. Keep your fingers crossed!

  1. When you wake up in the morning, eat a biscuit or a cracker before you get out of bed.

  2. Keep yourself hydrated. If water makes you feel more nauseous try drinking nimbu paani, coconut water, sweet lassi, chaach, kesar milk, badam milk, thandai (in summers) roohafza milk or roohafza nimbu paani. Try to avoid aerated beverages.

  3. Eat small frequent meals. Overeating or not eating at all can make you feel more nauseous. Eating small frequent meals makes you feel more energized and comforted. Eat what you feel like eating. But do keep in mind to eat a balanced diet.

  4. Ginger will pull you through! Add ginger to your diet. Try all forms of ginger like ginger tea, add ginger to your food and juice, if you’re a ginger lover you can keep a bit in your mouth. Ginger will definitely soothe your upset stomach.

  5. Don’t drink when you eat. Avoid doing that as it may increase the chances of you getting nauseous.

  6. Get some exercise. Don’t sit on your butt all day. Even if you go for a walk or a swim for half an hour it might just do the trick. But do consult your doctor before you kick off on any new fitness programs.

  7. Avoid smells that tick you off. Stay away! Rather try smelling lime, mint, orange, rose water, sandalwood, tulsi leaves to alleviate your sense of smell. If you want you can get a bunch of roses placed in your room.

  8. Take your vitamins regularly as prescribed by your doctor.

  9. Don’t stress yourself. Try yoga or meditation to de-stress. Do breathing exercises to calm yourself. This is just a phase. It shall pass!

  10. Lastly, brush your teeth twice a day. If you puke, brush your teeth afterward. Keep your mouth fresh.

Do keep a track on your urination, dizziness, weight loss, cramping, vomiting blood and if you are not able to eat for 12 hours straight. If you’re still not getting better please consult your doctor.

Hang in there!! It will all be over soon! Have a happy pregnancy.

You got this!

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