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Breathe clean air. Kill the toxins at home.

The air quality is poor throughout the year but it gets worse during these few months. For the safety of your family and your little ones get an air purifier for your home.

I’ve been personally using an air purifier since I got pregnant. It was one of the safety measures we felt that was mandatory. At home I have a dyson and philips air purifier set up.

An air purifier is not a luxury but it has become a necessity due to the air conditions we are surviving in. Please don’t think that it weakens your kid’s immunity but rather it gives them a few hours of clean air to breathe.

You can also get indoor plants in your house to remove toxins. Here are the top 5 suggestions -

🌱Money Plant - This is the best indoor plant to get clean air. It even beats an air purifier. 🌱Aloe vera - Needs sunlight and easy to maintain. 🌱Spider plant - One of the best indoor plants. Removes formaldehyde from indoor air. 🌱Snake plant - An excellent bedroom plant. Every night it takes in the carbon dioxide and produces oxygen. 🌱Bamboo palm - It is a natural humidifier and survives in shady places.

These are just a few I have mentioned above. There are many more you can search online and fill your house with plants to kill those toxins to breathe clean air. Did you know you need four plants per person to fight the toxins in your home.

Protect yourself and your family from the hazardous air conditions we are surviving in. Order your air purifier today and fill house with indoor plants.

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