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Cool Mist Humidifier - A must have for your baby.

Every parent wants the best for their baby and as parents, we try our best to give them the best. But there is one thing that most parents are ignorant about.

A good humidifier for your baby.

Personally speaking, I didn’t know about a humidifier until my little baby girl fell sick when she was about 4 months old. She was down with the flu for more than two weeks. It was then, that her paediatrician told us to buy a cool mist humidifier. He also said that he used one himself. I asked him all the details which he patiently reverted to.

The next morning, I noticed that she was already slightly better after using the humidifier for only one night. I asked myself why didn't I start using one before? How can I be so ignorant. Then I thought to myself I’m a new mother. There are so many things I’m yet to learn.

After that, I regularly use a humidifier. Especially if the air conditioning is on, or the air purifier is on. These tend to bring a lot of dryness in the air. So, the humidifier adds the right amount of humidity in the room making it comfortable for your baby.

Chicco Cool Mist Humidifier

What does a humidifier do?

  • It helps keep your baby healthy.

  • It keeps the air in the room clean and pure.

  • It adds the right amount of moisture to the air.

  • It creates optimal breathing conditions that allow your baby to sleep comfortably.

  • It loosens up the congestion and mucus.

  • Since it adds moisture to the air, it relieves your baby from getting dry skin, red patches or chapped lips.

Precautions -

  • You need to make sure you clean the humidifier before using it. It needs to be rinsed before use. Also, it has to be properly cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from growing inside. There is no point using a dirty humidifier.

  • You need to change the water everyday before using it.

  • You need to add drinking water and not tap water as tap water carries a lot of impurities. Hence drinking water improves its performance.

  • I personally prefer a cool mist humidifier to a hot humidifier because you will have a constant worry that your kid might burn himself with the hot steam from the warm humidifier.

So, go ahead and purchase one for yourself. I have been using @Chicco.India Cool Mist Humidifier for more than two years now. And I'm more than satisfied with it.

You got this!

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