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From Hydration to Nutrition: Discovering Good-for-You Drinks for Kids #63PercentMoreProtein

‘What a crazy morning,’ Roma grumbled as she let herself through the front door. ‘Thank God, we made it on time to the bus stop.’ 

She locked the front door, letting out a long sigh as she approached the dining table. Her lips inadvertently curled into an upside-down smile, and her brows furrowed. She could feel the stress and tension rising. 


‘How do I get Isha to finish her breakfast?’ She thought as she began to pick up the dirty plates. She walked to the kitchen and emptied her half-eaten aloo paratha into a roti wrap. 

Roma’s eyes scanned the messy kitchen slab when she spotted the glass of milk she had given Isha earlier that morning. 


‘Uff! I’ve had enough! This girl is going to be undernourished. On top of that, she’s going to be hitting puberty soon. She doesn’t have a balanced diet. She can’t even finish a bowl of fruit. A glass of milk is out of the question. All she wants to eat is biscuits, chips, chocolates. But if I can only get her to have at least one glass of milk in a day that will be good enough to kick-start her morning. I need to find a better way of ensuring she has balanced nutrition. But how? Definitely need some good for you drinks.


Roma’s worried thoughts trailed along as she finished clearing up the kitchen. She sat down with her morning cup of coffee and her phone. She began her research on the Internet. She searched for nutrition in kids. As expected, Google came up with 1,200,000 results on good-for-you drinks.


‘Woah! Where do I begin?’ 


Roma began to make notes of all the areas where she could improve her daughter’s diet. She came across an article that mentioned milk and milk products to be calcium-rich and good for growing kids.


Milk? How do I get her to drink milk daily and happily?


Just then, Roma’s husband, Neeraj, walked out of the bedroom. ‘Morning Rom!’ 


‘Morning…’ Roma said slowly, glued to her phone. 


‘What are you doing?’ he frowned, expecting his better half to greet him with an everyday morning hug.


‘I’m on Mission Isha.’


‘What’s Mission Isha?’ he chuckled. 


Neeraj rolled his eyes as his disheartened wife expressed her worries about their daughter’s diet. 


‘I feel she isn’t growing as she should. She’s the shortest one in her class. And she looks so tired and weak.!’


‘Try to balance out her diet,’ Neeraj replied as he poured himself a cup of coffee. 


‘What do you think I haven’t tried?’ Roma widened her eyes. ‘Nothing seems to work. It’s like I’m taking the horse to the river to drink water, but the horse isn’t drinking.’


‘My mother always added those healthy things to our milk… what did I drink?’ he frowned, trying to recall the chocolatey drinks he used to drink in his childhood. 


Roma hopefully kept scrolling through her phone for more information. 


Complan!’ Neeraj snapped his fingers and had a huge grin plastered on his face. 


‘There are so many brands that offer nutrition drinks for kids. How do we decide?’


‘Just stick to Mummy’s all-time favourite good-for-you drink. Complan!


‘Complan is scientifically formulated, and it contains 34 vital nutrients, along with the power of 100% milk protein. Complan is clinically proven to support memory and concentration what’s more, it even contains 63% more protein than other nutrition drinks,’ Roma read aloud from her phone.


‘See… start with Complan. I was a Complan boy. It’s a good drink for kids. There, you found your good for you drink I’m sure Isha will love.’


Roma continued reading. It has vital nutrients that support immunity, bone health, and brain development. This all sounds so amazing!’


‘You worry for no reason.’


Main uski maa hoon,’ Roma sighed. 


‘Yes. I know. And you’re doing great! Always remember that,’ Neeraj said. ‘Now, can I get a morning hug?’


Disclaimer: The views expressed in the blog content are independent and unbiased views of solely the blogger. This is a part of the public awareness initiative supported by Complan.



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10 commentaires

The way Roma researched and made notes shows how much parents care about their kids' health.


Loved how Neeraj supported Roma and helped find a solution – teamwork at its best!


Isha’s preference for junk food over nutritious meals is such a common issue.


Roma's determination to improve Isha's diet is inspiring; we all need that kind of dedication.


The bit about finding a way to get kids to drink milk is so true – it's a constant battle.

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