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Deciding to get married is a big decision but deciding to have a baby is even bigger! Your entire life changes after you have a baby. You need to be mentally prepared to overcome a lot of things that would come your way not just as a mother but as a father as well.

I’ve seen many couples pondering over the same thing. They all want to have a baby at some point of time in their lives. But they are unsure whether it is the right time to welcome a new member to the family. Or something or the other keeps happening and the whole “we are trying phase” goes for a six. Are we really ready? They would ask each other. And neither of them would be on the same page.

Whereas some couples don’t even get to know that they are already pregnant until wifey misses her date. These couples just go with the flow.

In some cases couples make it work because either one of them really really want to start a family. So the other spouse eventually gives in and they get pregnant.

Well, every couple is different, every person is different. All your five fingers are not the same. Everyone is unique in their own way. To decide if you are ready to have a baby or not is on YOU!

Ask yourself -

  1. Are you ready to accept change?

  2. Are you ready for your body to change? Your boobs are going to get bigger, your butt is going to get wider. You might undergo a few health issues during your pregnancy. (it could also go smooth as ever!) But expect the unexpected!

  3. Are you overall healthy?

  4. You might want to cut down the consumption of alcohol before you guys start trying to have a baby. Or maybe follow a healthy diet. Cut down your cigarettes. Throw out all the junk.

  5. You need to be mentally prepared for a lot of things once the baby comes like breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, diapers, co-sleeping?? Many more things...

  6. Are you going to leave your job after you have a baby? Or are you going to apply for maternity leave?

  7. Who is going to look after you baby when you rejoin work?

  8. Do you know a good gynaecologist?

  9. Are you financially ready to have a baby?

  10. Are you both ready to do a lot of chores and make a lot of sacrifices?

  11. Are you ready to give up your special time with each other?

  12. Are the men ready to give up their late nights and spend more time at home with your wife and little baby?

  13. Are you ready to give up your social life, if you are a social butterfly?

These are just a few random questions I’ve jotted down to give you guys a little eye opener.

Parenting is one of the most beautiful phases of life. No doubt it’s a lot of hard work but at the end it’s all worth it. Talk to each other and think about what you want. Usually it is either one of you, either the husband or the wife who makes the whole having a baby thing work.

Good Luck!

You got this!

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