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Make a routine for your little one.

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I make sure I wake up much earlier than Reya. It gives me time to kick start my day. I finish off all my chores so I’m ready for her when she wakes up. My mind also feels fresh and I don’t feel too bogged down.

I follow the same routine with Reya everyday. From day one I made things simple. Follow a routine. Any change in her routine is mostly implemented by her.

Like, her sleep cycle has changed over a period of time. Earlier she used to sleep in the afternoon, now that’s changed. Now she refuses to sleep in the afternoon. There is always some change. As our little ones grow a lot of changes come around.

I’m like a zombie by the end of the day and I just want to call it a night. But, unfortunately the little one is full of life and wants to play. She wants to play with her toys, dance, draw, colour and she expects me to sit with her and give her company and play along. At times I wish I could just snap my fingers and she would just plop to bed.
Make a routine and try to follow it.

Well here are a few tricks that I implemented to make a routine for her. I’ve also observed that by following a routine not only makes it easy for me, but for my little one as well.

  1. Wake them up at the same time every morning. It doesn't matter what time they slept at night. It would set a routine and soon they would start waking up by themselves every morning.

  2. Have a routine for them during the day. You don't have to be strict about it. You can be flexible but try to follow the routine.

  3. Afternoon naps also need to be around the same time everyday. They need to charge their batteries, otherwise they would just be cranky and that would make you go more insane. Plus you also need a break from all the madness. Don’t let them sleep for too long in the afternoon. One to one and a half hour is good enough.

  4. Your toddler needs to get out of the house in the evenings. Take them to the park. Let them meet new toddlers of their age. It helps them socialise and they gain confidence. So in the future sending them to pre school might not be that hard.

  5. Play different activities with them so they don’t get bored. Like racing, football, catch and catch and so on. Get them a tricycle. Let them learn how to cycle.

  6. After they come back from the park get them a shower. So that they are fresh and not sweaty and sticky. Delhi summers are pathetic. We have to keep them cool.

  7. Then is dinner time. Make sure they eat a good dinner and they are full. It would pull them through the night otherwise they would wake up in the middle of the night hungry and that would make you get up too. After dinner let them run around and do whatever they want. Let them burn out more energy.

  8. Take them to their room the same time everyday. Tell them “it’s time to get ready for bed”. Change them into their pyjamas, brush their teeth, wash their hands and feet. After that tell them its “bed time now!” Read a story to them. Tuck them in bed.

  9. Feed them milk before they sleep. Hot milk is a definite soother. It eases and relaxes them and pulls them through the night.

  10. Make sure you switch off a few of the lights in your room. So in their brain they know ‘ok its bed time.’

  11. No television before going to sleep. Avoid screen time completely before they go to sleep.

  12. Pretend to sleep. So when they look at you and ask for you, you tell mama is sleeping. You also sleep. This also helps them get in the sleeping mode.

  13. Sing a lullaby. I sing Edelweiss from the movie The Sound of Music. I used to sing it to my baby girl from day one. My mother used to sing the same song to me when I was a baby. When I start singing or humming the song, Reya just knows it’s bed time. So she would just curl up next to me and close her eyes.

  14. Run your fingers through their hair. This really relaxes your kid. If you try it on yourself before you sleep you would know what wonders it can do .

  15. Make them laugh! Yes!! Tickle them! It completely relaxes their mind and body. They would tell they want to sleep. I have done this several times and it has worked wonders.

  16. If nothing works. Wake them up at the same again like every morning. Don’t them sleep in the afternoon. Keep they super busy. Activity after activity. Feed them an early dinner and put them to bed. They would sleep by 8pm. This can be tiring for you but it works.

Keep at it to get their routine sorted out. It might take some time but once their routine is set you can set your routine as well.

You got this! =)

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