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The doctor who saved my butt!

Yes!! The gentleman you see in the picture literally saved my butt! I have utmost respect and unconditional love for Dr V P Bhalla. I look up to him like a father figure. He is so soft spoken and kind who cracks all sorts of weird jokes with my dad.

Dr V P Bhalla not only did surgery on me once but twice.

The first surgery was when I was in school. I was in 10th grade. My pre- boards were nearing. There was this one evening when my mom asked me “Aditi, why aren't you dancing today?”

My crazy self used to blast music and dance every evening. Still do whenever I get the chance. I guess old habits die hard!

I complained of acute pain in right lower abdomen and I just wasn’t feeling myself.

She immediately called my father. At that time he was practising at Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. We headed to the hospital and met Dr Bhalla.

Dr. Bhalla told me that I need to get my appendix removed. And that was that. That night itself I got admitted and was prepped for surgery. Before the surgery I asked Dr Bhalla how big the cut would be. Because my dad had his appendix removed and his scar was pretty big. So I was a little freaked out knowing how much I loved my flat stomach back then. But Dr. Bhalla was so sweet, he told not to worry about it.

The surgery went great. I was discharged in the morning and was on bed rest for about a week. After that I was back in school.

My second episode of surgery took place after my delivery. I developed a fissure during my pregnancy. I was so uncomfortable at times I could barely sit. So, I called my dad (the first person I was call related to my health issues) and told him about my situation. He told me at that instant to call Dr. Bhalla and meet him asap.

I did exactly that. It was such a delight to meet Dr. Bhalla, it always will be. He somehow got me alright and pulled me through my pregnancy. But post delivery I got piles as well. I can’t pin down in words as to how painful it used to be. I somehow managed for about fifty days and I gave in. I was done! I went in for surgery almost fifty one days after my c-section. Post that the next seven days were a little rough but I was so relieved it was all over!

A few days ago my dad had a party because his team had completed 21 years to sticking together. I was sitting at a table located where I could see all the guests coming. And there I saw Dr. V P Bhalla. My superhero! I whispered to my mother, “Ma, see who's come, Dr. Bhalla.” She said “oh yaa! Yaaaay!”

I went to him, to have a quick chat and I requested him if I can take a picture. He obviously said yes and told me to send it to him. It then struck me, why don’t I write about him.

Utmost respect and love for you Dr. Bhalla.

Dr. Bhalla, I can’t thank you enough! You have pulled me through one of the hardest phases of my life. I can’t even imagine what I would have done without you. Thank you so much! You will always have a special place in my heart!

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