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25 things we mother do when our baby sleeps.

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

There is so much commotion when your little one is awake. Especially if you have a baby and a toddler under one roof. It’s crazy. Whatever my daughter has, my niece wants and whatever my niece has, my daughter wants! It’s madness! So much chitter chatter and hustle bustle all day!

Mommy at peace when her baby sleeps!

So, I think by midday you need to shut down and take a breath! It’s so calm & quiet when we put our baby to sleep.

But do we sleep when our baby sleeps? Hell No!

Once your baby sleeps it's the most peaceful and happiest time of the day! Automatically, mentally we are charged again and we start thinking of one million things to do.

But here are the top 25 things we mothers do when our little one sleeps-

  1. Lie down next to our baby and stare at your cell phone. Social media monsters!!

  2. Clean the room quietly

  3. Finish off all your pending household chores

  4. Online shopping

  5. Cook

  6. Talk on the phone and catch up with mom

  7. Listen to music

  8. Dance

  9. Sleep

  10. Clean out your cupboard

  11. Draw Paint Colour. Be creative

  12. Sort out the laundry

  13. Plan your schedule

  14. Make the shopping list

  15. Get someone to look after your baby so you can step out of the house for threading ( sort out that monobrow) or grocery shopping.

  16. Read a book

  17. Poop in peace

  18. Put a face pack

  19. Netflix

  20. Have a cup of tea

  21. Gossip with your family

  22. Take a shower

  23. Clean the fridge

  24. Check your email

  25. Look at your babies pictures and videos and wonder when they are going to wake up! Crazy! But true!

Enjoy all the moments you have to yourself when your little one is sleeping.

Trust me!

PS -My little one doesn’t sleep in the afternoons anymore.

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