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Teething - Make it easy!

A friend of mine frantically gave me a ring a couple of days ago. She said her baby is teething and wouldn’t stop crying. She said, “Aditi, he is only three months old and he is already getting his first tooth, what do I do?”

Well to start off, teething isn’t easy for babies. As a parent, you might be like ‘oh great! The first tooth is already on the way’ but it can actually be really hard on them and you as well. For some babies, their teeth just start popping up with no fuss. But as for some, it could be a nightmare.

Teething usually starts at about 4 months. But every baby is different. Some get them early and some take their time.

When the teething phase begins you might notice that your baby -

  • Drools more

  • Likes to chew on their fingers or anything since it gives them relief

  • Cranky

  • Irritated

  • More sucking

  • High fever

  • Loss of appetite

  • Slight swelling in the gums

This could go on for a few days before their teeth appear.

How to ease the process-

  • Use a cold handkerchief to cold compress their gums.

  • Massage your baby’s gums.

  • You can try using a teether. Although I never used one as the baby would keep dropping it on the floor then you would have to clean and wash it again. Then a second later it’s back on the floor.

  • Give them cold carrot or cucumber to gnaw on.

  • Wipe off all the drool to prevent irritation.

  • You can also try giving them Calcarea. It is a homeopathy medicine that helps in easing the process.

Lastly, as a parent, all you can do is wait and be patient. Babies grow up really fast. This too shall pass!

You got this!

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