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Bath time in the wonder chair!

One evening, during my third trimester of pregnancy me and my MIL we were sitting chatting over a cup of tea for her and a glass of milk for me. I asked her if there is anything we need to buy before the baby comes as we had already gotten everything else ready.

She said “YES! You have to buy a bathing chair to bathe your baby.”

I said “ok great! So I ordered one online.

Little did I know I ordered the most useful product that any mother can possibly use.

I was already freaked about the whole newborn baby part. Now to give a fragile newborn baby a bath freaked me out even more.

I had never done it before. I was so scared that the water will go in her eyes and in her mouth. What if she cries too much. Too many thoughts running through my head.

But there was always someone to bathe Reya. Either Mil or bhabi or the jappa lady who had come to help. Everyday I would stand and see how this mind boggling task was done. Finally, one day and I gathered all my courage and told the jappa lady to teach me how to bathe my daughter. Since she was only with us for a few more days I thought here is my chance to finally learn how to do it. Let’s grab the opportunity and get it over with.

So, I managed somehow. The chair made it super easy. Not like I wasn’t apprehensive of what I was doing but that bathing chair made a lot more easier than I thought.

Back in the day these wonderful things never existed. I’ve been told that our mothers used to just somehow manage in the tub, or make their baby sit on their feet and quickly quickly bathe their baby. (The thought only makes me shudder.)

Even after the jappa lady left my darling MIL still helped me give Reya a bath. I actually learnt how to bathe a baby from her. She taught me step by step with the help of the wonder chair which made me confident to finally start bathing my daughter all by myself. She then used to supervise and make me bathe Reya.

In time when I shifted back to my room I used to take Reya and give her a bath in my bathroom. The first time I bathed her all by myself, I felt I had overcome everything.

So it’s not as bad as I thought. All you have to do is take your baby make them lie down on the chair and bathe away!

The Wonder Bath Chair


I’m serious. If a person like me with ZERO experience in this department can do it. Hell yes so can you but obviously with the chair. I named it the Wonder Chair!

I got used to the bathing chair I used to even take it with me when I used to go stay at my mother’s place for a few days. I thought to myself, it’s going and coming in the car, it's not like I have to lug it around. Why should I torture my baby during bath time if I didnt have the chair.

There was this one time when we went for a holiday. You can’t imagine how much I missed the chair. Reya hated every minute of her bath. But obviously I couldn’t pack it and take it with me.

You are actually supposed to use the chair until your baby is about one year old. Believe me, I used it much longer than that. LOL! No regrets!

Now, Reya is a big girl. She sits on the stool when she has her bath. Since the beginning she has been a water baby and loves her bath time. She plays with her squeaky toys, she has her own little pink mug which her dadhi got for her. She also has this water book that changes colour in the water which is her favourite.

Everyday she would tell me “dadhi ne mug diya”. LOL!

So if you are pregnant and your baby is due, please buy this wonderful useful baby bathing chair. It is by far one of the most useful products for mothers. God bless the person who invented them. You have no idea how easy you made everything.

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