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Bathroom Adventures

Have you ever had your toddler stand outside the bathroom waiting for you. Wondering where the hell you have disappeared. Screaming mama mama with continuous knocking on the door. And if you don’t reply the screaming continues. If not, you are one of the lucky ones. And if yes, welcome to my world.

My little one just turned two. She just freaks out when I go and pee. I guess all the toddlers are the same when it comes to this part. I wonder what they think we are doing in there.

  1. Where have you suddenly disappeared? You were here a few seconds ago!!

  2. Mamaaaaaaaaaa mamaaaaaaaaaaaa??!!?? (You have to reply by the way.Then a few seconds later again) mamaaaaaaaaaaa??!!??

  3. Does my mother have a secret exit from the other side of the bathroom?

  4. Why does she pee with the door closed when I have to do my business with the door open?

  5. Why is she taking so long?

  6. Is she going to have a bath as well?

  7. Has she fallen asleep in there?

  8. Can I join you inside?

  9. Can we pee together?

  10. Maaaamaaaaaa mamaaaaaa??????????????

  11. Fake crying! Let the crocodile tears flow maybe then she would open the door.

  12. Mama, potty aayi hai.

So, good luck if you think you can get some space in the bathroom! LOL!

We are in the potty training phase that every mother goes through. It’s crazy!

I don’t make Reya wear diapers during the day. She only wears them when she sleeps in the afternoon or at night.

From the moment she started sitting herself is when I started to make her sit on the toilet to poop. My gang of women advisors told me “now is the time to make it a habit for her to poop everyday in the morning”. So, I ordered a potty seat online. I still remember the first time I made her sit on the pot. At first, she gave me that look that said 'why am I being made to sit here mama?'. But eventually she got used to it.

So, months went by and I made it a point to make her sit on the pot every morning. And it was a success!! So, every morning she would poop. Yaaaay!! Happy baby makes a happy mommy!

But, I’m still working on the part when she needs to pee. It’s very challenging to convince her to sit on the pot to pee. She knows she has to pee in the bathroom . I have even made it a habit to make her sit on the pot on regular intervals so she would pee. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. At times she would just refuse to sit. She would bend her legs and say “abhi nahi karna!”

I even give her something in her hand like a toy or a soft toy so she is busy so she doesn’t end up rubbing her hands all over the pot.

So, when she pees she would either tell me when she’s half way through or she’s finished.

Here is how our daily conversation goes...

Me - “Reya where are you supposed to pee?”

Reya - “In the bathroom” giggle giggle

Me - “Then why did you pee on the bed?”

Reya - No answer, and she would give me a huge grin and start giggling again.

Then there I go again, telling her where I pee and everyone else pees. And where she is supposed to pee and blah blah blah. Then I wash her and make her wear a fresh pair of pyjamas.

But it’s still taking sometime to get things in order in the pee department.

So, I’m waiting for her to grow up some more so she would start telling me she needs to pee.

Potty and pee training can take a lot of time. You need to have a lot of patience with your toddler during this phase.

For some toddlers potty training is pea shit and for some it can be really hard. So hang in there. You have to keep at it. Note the time everytime you make them pee, so you can make them sit again after a certain period of time.

Don’t worry! You have reached this far. You got this!!

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