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Car Sickness

It isn’t the best feeling to get puked on. It isn’t the best feeling for your little one to be puking in a moving car and wondering what the hell is happening? It can be very overwhelming for your tiny one.

It was one of those regular days and I was taking Reya to go visit her Nani. We were about half an hour away and boom! I suddenly had puke everywhere. Although this wasn’t the first time Reya was experiencing car sickness.

The first time this happened was when we were going on holiday and we were on the way to the airport. At that time Reya was about one plus. Throughout our entire trip a lot of preventive measures were taken to prevent this from happening again. We got lucky. She didn’t puke again during our holiday time. Thank God!

Just got puked on by my little one. Washed my hair that cold winter morning :(

But her car sickness started to increase as she grew up. There was this one time when she puked in the car. So we pulled over. Cleaned up. Made her wear a fresh change of clothes. And then after 10 minutes she puked again. Back to square one!

Car sickness can kick in at any age. It basically happens because our brains go haywire because there is too much information being received by our eyes, ears, muscles and joints.

Now, what can you do to prevent car sickness -

  1. Try the window seat - Rather than having your kid sit in the middle of the backseat. Have them sit at the window seat. Make sure you have the child lock and window lock active. It would not only keep them busy by looking outside the window but you can also belt them up for safety reasons.

  2. Avoid screen time in the car - Try not to hand them your phone thinking that the ride is going to get any easier. For all you know that possibly could be one of the reasons why they get motion sickness. The visual activities on the screen and what they hear outside may cause a lot of confusion in their little brain which eventually makes them feel sick.

  3. Plan - Try to make plans in advance. Either you leave when your little kiddo might fall off to sleep or when you kiddo is well rested.

  4. Avoid milk - Yes! Try not to give your little one their milk feed before leaving or in the car. Milk can tend to be a little heavy on their little tum tum. Carry other nibblers for them to munch on in case of emergency.

  5. Air ventilation - Make sure there is enough ventilation in the car.

  6. Keep them distracted - Turn on the radio, turn on your radio by singing songs, play verbal games, keep chatting. You need to them busy during the ride.

  7. Medication - You can discuss this with your paediatrician and medications can prescribed accordingly. Preferably use this as a backup plan for long trips.

It can get very stressful when you have to go out. Believe me, I tend to freak out at times. But, don’t worry. You’ll pull through!

Just remember.. You got this!

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