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Garam garam amrood khao aur bhacho ka zukaam door bhaghao!

Kids are prone to cold and viral infections.

I’ve tried medicines, steam, humidifier no doubt it all works but everything takes its own time. But here is an excellent home remedy that works wonders and you will see that your kid is already feeling much better the next day.

Here’s my secret, you take a guava, hold it with a chimta (tongs) and heat it over the gas for a few seconds. Cut it, remove the seeds (if your child is too young to chew the seeds) and feed your child.

  • The guava has to be at room temperature before heating.

  • It should not be too firm or too ripe.

  • It has to be eaten warm.

  • This is only applicable for babies who have teeth or who are one plus.

Garam Garam Amrood

I got to know this secret from my mother-in-law and she got to know about this from her mother. So, I really don’t know how many generations it has been passed on from, but I thought I would share it with you guys. It is tested and tried, believe me it works magic!

This is one of the easiest home remedies that gives quick results for your little one.

Guava is one of the best fruits which is loaded with vitamin C and iron which has proven to be the best to fight cold and viral infections. So, go ahead mommies!! Make it easy on your kids.

You got this!

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