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Hospital Bag Checklist

You’ve come this far and you’ve been extremely patient!! That’s fantastic!! Welcome to trimester three! Now, it’s time you get your bag ready that includes all the things you need pre and post delivery for yourself and your little one.

By week 36 your bag should be packed. You can always expect an early arrival. Expect the unexpected! Be prepared! Get ready! Take a deep breathe! You can do this!

Get ready to ROCK!


  1. Hospital file - One of the most important things you need. Don’t forget to take it along as they would need to refer to it for your medical history.

  2. Change of clothes for the ride back home - You need to wear comfy clothes on your way back home. Preferably a maternity gown that has a discreet feeding flap also. It is easily available online as well as in markets.Try not to wear anything around your waist if you have had a c-section. It would really sore.

  3. Lip balm - Your lips might get dry. Hospital stay can make your lips and skin very dry.

  4. Cream - Carry your moisturizing cream along. You never know when you would need it. As I said, hospitals can make your skin very dry.

  5. Rubber bands - If you have long hair please carry rubber bands. You are going to be in the hospital for at least two nights. They will come in handy.

  6. Sanitary pads - Carry a few along. Usually the hospital does provide them for you, but just in case.

  7. Phone charger - People can’t do without their phones. I don’t need to say anything else.

  8. Nursing bra - You need to support your breasts once you start lactating. They would be less sore and more supported.

  9. Spectacles - You don’t want to be as blind as a mole now do you? Don’t forget your spectacles or contact lenses.

  10. Rubber slippers - Carry skid free comfy slippers.

  11. Bendy straw - It makes drinking water easy when you are lying down.

  12. Comb or hairbrush - Carry one along. You would want to look neat and tidy.

  13. Toothbrush and toothpaste for your oral hygiene.


  1. XS size diapers - Rather than buying from the hospital you can order them online at a lesser rate.

  2. Four sets of clothing for your baby - This includes vests, long sleeve front open button t-shirts, pyjamas, socks, cap. Newborn babies need to be kept warm even though you had your delivery in summers.

  3. Winter clothes - If you have your delivery in winter season do carry a soft sweater, woollen cap, thick socks, booties, warm blanket, thermal( if it too cold) , full sleeve t-shirt and thick pyjamas.

  4. Swaddle cloth - You need to swaddle your baby so they sleep well. Also it would come in handy on the way home. If it is winter then you can bundle them up in the same blanket.

  5. Powder - Comes in handy when you baby needs a diaper change. Use a good brand specially made for babies. Make sure that it is unscented.

  6. Milk bottle along with new born baby size nipple - You would need at least two bottles. You might have to feed your baby formula milk if you are unable to breastfeed.

  7. Formula Milk - You can consult your paediatric doctor which formula milk you can feed your baby.

  8. Hankies - They always come in handy. Make sure they made of soft textured cotton material.

  9. Baby wipes- Always use unscented baby wipes. It protects them from getting rashes.

Important Notes -

  1. Never hand your baby in a visitor’s lap as soon they come to visit. Let them settle down for a few minutes.

  2. Please make sure all visitors use hand sanitizer before carrying your newborn baby.

  3. Nobody is allowed to touch the face of your baby. Babies can easily pick up infections or get rashes on their skin.

  4. It is important for the newborn baby to sleep with their mother. It gives them a sense of security, warmth and most importantly it helps the mother in lactating.

  5. Do not bathe your baby in the hospital. Babies are born with a layer on their skin which is called vernix. This contains proteins that protect you little one and prevent bacterial infections. You can only bathe your baby once she has arrived home and the umbilical cord has come off.

  6. Please remember to take off all your jewellery when you go for the delivery of your baby. Also make sure your toes don’t have any nail polish on them.

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