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Tummy Time - How it can help your little one!

I feel tummy time is the best time of the day for a baby as they get to do something different rather than lie down most of the day.

So basically, tummy time is when you make your baby lie on their tummy for a few minutes during the day. Some babies like it and actually enjoy themselves but as for some, it might be just the opposite. People say that tummy time should start from the day when you’re back from the hospital. As for me, I did start tummy time during my daughter’s first month. It was on for 2-3 minutes a day during her massage. And as she grew tummy time increased. It helps improve their motor development skills, reduces gas and exposes your baby to a new view.

Happy baby makes a happy mommy!

My Notes -

  • If your baby gets cranky pick them up. It’s not compulsory to force tummy time.

  • No tummy time after feeding. It would simply apply pressure on their tummy and make them uncomfortable.

  • As they grow you can put a pillow below them so they are more supported.

  • If your baby is flatulent tummy time helps release gas and gives ease to your baby.

  • Never leave your baby unattended during tummy time.

  • Lie on your back and make your baby lie on your chest. It gives them a sense of security.

  • Tummy time also reduces the chances of your baby getting a flat head.

  • Make sure your baby is awake and alert so he can make the most of it during those few minutes.

  • You can make tummy time fun by placing a few of their favourite toys around them. Or get their sibling to entertain them. The best place to do tummy time is on the floor or on the bed.

  • Enjoy their reactions and their happy noises when they lie on their tummy. These precious moments are not going to come back.

Tummy time is a gradual process. Start off with a few minutes a day and see how your baby responds and then increase the number of times in a day.

As your baby grows tummy time increases. So if your baby is about four months you can give them tummy time for about 20-30 minutes total in the entire day.

My little one loved her tummy time. Now she’s all grown up and the tummy time phase, well those are just precious memories for me.

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