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The first few weeks post delivery.

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

So, there I was lying on the OT table waiting for my c- section to happen.

I was so tired after such a long wait, I just wanted the baby to come and be done with it.

After all the hustle bustle in the OT, my gynaecologist was happy to announce that I was blessed with a baby girl.

I gave her no reaction.

She said “Aditi are you ok?”

I said, yes ma’am, absolutely.

I was just so relieved that my pregnancy is over. I just laid there numb listening to my new born baby cry.

After the baby arrived everyone was super happy.(DUH!) I was half dead waiting to recover. I was in a rush. I just wanted to go home. Back to my surroundings. Back to my space.

But once I got home I did miss the nurses pampering me. I missed the hospital underwear the most. I hated the idea of wearing sanitary pads again after 9months. It seemed like everything was going at a downhill. I didn't know anything about babies. Or motherhood.

Where the hell do I start from.

I was lost.

But there was a rescue team ready and waiting to back me up. My darling mother- in- law and bhabi.

My mother -in- law was the biggest support post delivery. She was my pillar of strength. She used to sleep with me at night and help me out. She would even make me breakfast at 5:30 in the morning. I wouldn't have managed without her.

They both guided me from a to z about baby care. From soothing your baby to bathing her to breastfeeding her, even changing the diaper and patting their bottom dry and most importantly burping your baby.

My MIL did call this ‘jaapa’ lady to come and help us out but it was ok. She wasn't the greatest help possible. It was like she was just there because she had to be. I just needed my mother -in- law there with me to pull me through.

My first 40 days post delivery were crazy!

Mommy tips post delivery

So to help you get past these hurdles here are a few tips post delivery to pull you through!

  1. Stay in your pjs all day. Have bath. Wear pjs or maternity clothes again. Be relaxed and comfy. There is no need for you to dress up.

  2. Your room is your world. Have everything you need at your reach. Like water, fruit, your phone, a book to read, relax and enjoy this phase. It's not going to be the same again. Nobody will pamper you after these days are over. You are on your own to handle the baby.

  3. Keep your baby with you. Once your baby is born, all they need is their mother. They need your smell, your touch. They are happy to hear your voice. They are more calm when you are around. So calm baby means happy mommy!

  4. There is no fixed feeding cycle for baby. Feed her on demand. Your baby would want to be stuck to your boob most of the time. Be ready!

  5. You can give one feed of formula milk to your baby. It would help you and her. I usually gave this feed at night. So she would sleep through a bit and it gave me a chance to rest.

  6. Drink a lot of water. Stay hydrated!

  7. Eat a soft diet. Eat what is given to you to eat. Don't be fussy. Your grandma or mil have been where you are. Eat what they give you to eat. This is the food you need that would make you get better and recover faster.

  8. Limit visitors. Don't have too many people come over to see you. You and your baby need their rest. If you get tired just go to your room and go to sleep. They would understand.

  9. If people offer to help you with the baby. Take it. Let them handle your baby for sometime so it would give you some space and you time.

  10. About half of the new mothers get baby blues and mood swings a few days after the baby is born. Usually, this is because of a sharp drop in the level of hormones. If you want to cry just cry. Throw out your feelings and emotions. Talk to your loved ones. Keep them close, don’t shut them out.

  11. Get a massage everyday. This will not only strengthen your body but your mind too.

You do know this phase would go by. It’s going to be hard but you have to be strong for your baby.

You will manage. Time will pull you through.

You got this! =)

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