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The first rain of the monsoon season

It was one of the usual days. Reya was upto her usual mischief. After almost ten days she decided to sleep in the afternoon. I was thrilled so I could have some time to myself and I can write some more articles for my blog.

Soon, nap time was over. I took Reya to the kitchen to get a glass of water. It looked like we had quite a storm coming in from the kitchen window. It was gloomy outside. The trees were gushing in the wind. Reya told me ”mama flying”, then I looked outside the window and I said “Yes Reya the leaves are flying”. We both smiled at each other and giggled.

A few minutes later it started to rain. Both the sisters wanted to go out and stand in the balcony and feel the raindrops on their tiny hands and get wet. Reya promptly said loudly “BARISSSSSSH!!!”. Kaira also shared her opinion with her happy loud noises. They both were so excited and thrilled with the cool breeze hitting their faces.

A few weeks ago Reya learnt the word ‘umbrella’. She saw in one of her books and it just so happened that soon after her dadhi wore a suit that had printed umbrellas on it. Ever since then she told her dadhi “mere ko umbrella chaiye”. Her dadhi agreed but just didn’t have the chance to go and buy her one. So everyday Reya would tell her dadhi the same thing. “Mere ko umbrella chaiye”. And just to confirm she would tell me”dadhi umbrella le ke ayegi”. It was quite funny. We all had a good laugh!

So, coming back to that rainy afternoon, Reya finally got to use her ‘umbrella’. She was delighted. She even insisted that we go to the terrace in the evening with the umbrella and play some more. She also had to be accompanied by her little sister Kaira. It had just about stopped raining. There were little puddles everywhere. The birds were flying low and halting on the way trying to dry out their feathers. All the birds were chatting and chirping with each other. This fascinated Reya even more. She’s been a bird lover from the beginning.

We spent the evening feeling the cool breeze, watching the birds fly by, jumping in the puddles, Reya riding her tricycle and eating garam garam halwa. It was a day spent well!

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