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Top 3 pregnancy book you MUST read!

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The first year of marriage tends to be a little bumpy at times. It’s such a huge change for both man and wife. But we were busy settling down, living and loving each day.

But after a certain period of time, family & friends start asking you " the question".When are you planning to have a baby? Kitna time ho gaya, ab bacche karlo!

I would always try my best to avoid this topic. I had no idea what to answer. So I used to say “lets just go with the flow. Whenever it’s time it will happen.”

My husband loves kids. He always wanted to have a child. So we decided we would wait a year after getting married and then we shall have a baby. So after about a year and a half I dropped the bomb. I was pregnant!

The first person I called was my ma, I told her you are going to be a nani. I had never seen her happier in my life. My mother- in- law was so happy she started crying. My bhabhi gave me tightest hug ever! (that’s her speciality btw). My husband couldn't believe it! He was finally going to be a dadda. (So many different emotions!!)

But, was I ready? No! You’re never ready! Believe me! When it’s the first one, you are never ready. But I told myself, Aditi, you’re going to be a mother! Get your shit together!

Learn more about pregnancy through books

I guess the joy and excitement on everyone's face just pulled me through.

But, there are few books that I read during my pregnancy that made a hell lot of difference.

  1. THE COMPLETE BOOK OF NATURAL PREGNANCY AND CHILD CARE by Anne Charlish & Kim Davies- My mother bought me this book. I still refer to it for guidance or just to get an opinion. It is a perfect blend of conception, pregnancy and childcare. The book is divided into seven sections with a ton of information. So it's a must read. I have told all my friends who were planning to get pregnant or who are pregnant that they have to read this book. It is easily available at book shops and amazon.

  2. PREGNANCY by Nutan Pandit - an excellent book to read for new indian mommies. It gives you a lot of guidance during your pregnancy and post pregnancy. Good for all the new mothers who don't know anything about pregnancy or child care.

  3. PREGNANCY NOTES BEFORE, DURING & AFTER By Rujuata Diwekar - This takes you through your entire journey. From A to Z. All stages consist of food, exercise and recovery. It also adds that grandma’s touch which is so important during this phase of life. So, read this too, if you can.

Also, do discuss everything with your doctor. A book is just a guide to pull you through. Not everything can be applicable. Everyone’s pregnancy is different. Everyone will also keep telling you… “Enjoy your pregnancy”. At that time I used to feel I just want to be done with it. But after the entire phase, I agree. You must enjoy your pregnancy. Be happy! Don’t stress yourself out!

You can do it!!

You got this!

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