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Every mother's question:Why do kids love outside food rather than home made food??

I have really really racked my brains to find an answer to this question. I have literally asked several mothers why this happens and the response was ‘we all sail in the same boat.’ We have no bloody idea why our kids relish outside food rather than fresh home made food.

The other day we went out for lunch. It was just us three, me, my husband and Reya. Reya is getting her molars so she’s been cranky and clingy most of time. She complained about her gums and her teeth first thing in the morning and I was apprehensive to go but I told myself it’s just shopping and lunch. Lets play by ear.

Reya is most happy to get out of the house. You tell her ta ta jana hai she would go looking for her shoes and she would say “Mere ko ready hona hai mama”. (I need to get dressed mama”.)

So, once we reached the restaurant and settled down, Reya willingly sat on the high chair. Whereas, at home she likes to sit on the adult chair at the dining table and refuses to sit on her high chair. Whatever I picked out from the buffet was willingly eaten, all by herself. I didn’t need to show her a million things to distract her to get her to eat. I was mind boggled. I told myself if only the same thing would happen at home thing would be so simple.

I had a chat over the phone with one of my friends, she suggested to pack home made food in containers and get someone to deliver it home, so Reya would think she is eating outside food. I mean till what extent do we mothers have to go to make our kids eat? Did I try it. No! I didn’t. I felt that kids should eventually learn that the only way they can survive is to eat homemade food.

Later that week I discussed it with both my mothers. They both told me the exact same thing. All kids are the same. They all love eating outside food. I just rolled my eyes. I’m still pondering over the idea of how to make kids eat home made food happily.

This is a shout out to all those mothers with years of experience. Do share your experiences as to how you made your little ones eat. Happily!

So, in my opinion, outside food is ok once in a while but you can replicate the same easily at home too. Some of the food which we can make at home with all the goodness of nutrients and our love is listed below -

  1. Sandwiches - Make shapes of them like triangle, square, circle. You can add tomato, onion, paneer slices, apple slices, cucumber, boiled egg, boiled potato, shredded carrot. Yellow and red capsicum, steamed corn. Whatever you want to add or whatever your kid likes to eat.

  2. Cold sandwiches - Hung curd sandwiches with shredded vegetables. Avoid mayonnaise, use sauce made from hung curd, little cream and a dash of ketchup instead.

  3. Whole Wheat Noodles - Add sauteed vegetables to boiled whole wheat noodles or spaghetti. Kids relish it. Let them make a mess. It’s fine. As long as they are eating!

  4. Sliced Boiled Potato - Boiled potato cut into slices and Lightly sauteed on a pan sprinkled with black salt. Make it slightly brown. (brings back old memories from our childhood eating home made aloo chaat.)

  5. Vegetable Cutlets - Potato, carrot, capcisucm, grated bottle gourd, peas, beatroot, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, or any seasonal vegetable. It has to be shallow fried,Not deep fried.

  6. Chana Dal Paneer Cutlet - Deep fried cutlets of mashed paneer and grinded chana dal (pre-soaked for 5-6 hrs) . Add besan if it doesn't bind together

  7. French Toast - can be made both sweet or salty.

  8. Besan chilla

  9. Moong dal chilla

  10. Homemade Pizza - Use a chapati as the base of the pizza. Add vegetables and cheese. Making pizza dough at home is also easy.

  11. Homemade burger

  12. Paneer Roll / Vegetable Roll - Made with chapati, add on your kids favourites to the roll.

Always remember the following, which will make your food more healthy and tasty than outside food-

  1. Use fresh oil for frying.

  2. Avoid mayonnaise

  3. Avoid maida

  4. Serve the food in different styles.

Use your imagination… go crazy!! Have fun!

You got this!

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