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FRUSTRATION and how mothers can deal with it.

Being a mother can be really really frustrating! At times you don’t get a breather! Well mommys, this is motherhood. You can forget about a long list of things you loved to do. I hardly had patience before I had my baby girl.

At times my husband just can’t believe that I used to be the same person he fell in love with 8 years ago. To tell you the truth nor can I.

But then these things just come with the flow. These super powers magically appear once you have a baby. You can forget about having a peaceful shower, peeing in peace, doing all the things you want to or love to do.

Yeah the list is never ending. Some days go great! Everything goes per plan. Some days are just the opposite. Your kids just won’t listen to you. They would make a bigger mess than usual. They wont eat whats given to them. They won’t tell you that they need to pee even though you are trying your level best to potty train them. They won't sleep or take a nap. Sometimes you just want to scream. Really loudly! Sigh!

How to deal with it?

  1. Leave you baby with a family member for an hour or so and just shut all doors. Relax your mind.

  2. Get your husband to help you around a little, after he gets back from work. It makes it easier for you to wind up. Don’t be too hard on him he also had a long day at work.

  3. Try to make a sleep routine cycle for your baby. Put them to sleep the same time everyday. Make sure you wake them up at the same time. Make a routine. So you can make your routine which in turn makes it easier for you.

  4. Write down how you feel. Open notes on your phone or any app where you can write down your feelings. You need to vent. It always helps. Some how you feel better after writing it down.

  5. Talk to your mom! Ask her how the hell she managed you when you were a baby. Her words are golden words. Trust me! Listen and absorb them!

Stay calm! Eventually the day is going to get over soon. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. Be calm and deal with it. Eventually your baby would call it a night.

Motherhood can be hard.

I read somewhere that after a baby, the days are long but the years fly by. So, just cherish them.

What are the things that drive you up the wall?? It would be like a venting session lol!

Do share your views in the comments. Have a good day!

You got this! =)

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