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Let's do something different! Let's water the plants.

Reya loves going on the terrace. In the evenings if we’d miss our chance to go to the park, we usually go to the terrace. I would ask Reya if she would want to go to the ‘chath’. She would say YES nodding her head profusely and say “Haaaaaaan!! Chaath pe jana hai!”.She would be super excited and as usual tell the whole family where she is going, get their acknowledgement and off she would go!

I usually take her football and her cycle so she can play whatever she wants when she is up there.

But one evening she just didn't want to play football or ride her cycle. She wasn’t interested in running around and playing catch me if you can either. And I thought to myself what the hell do I do now?

Then it struck me. Let's make Reya water the plants. I asked her if she wanted to water the plants and she agreed. So, I attached the pipe and got things organised for her to start her mission of the evening.

I explained to her what to do. Reya started watering the plants and was delighted. Little busy bee! She is anyways such a water baby.

After she watered a few pots and she got the hang of this she told me to go. “Aap jaoooooooo” she said. I rolled my eyes and continued to tell her when it was time to move to the next pot that needs to be watered.

After sometime my bhabi also showed upstairs on the terrace with Reya’s little sister Kaira. Kaira and Reya both were delighted to see each other and started playing and jumping around in the puddles on the terrace. I turned the water on again and told Reya to finish watering the plants and she willingly did. She looked so content. Kaira just followed Reya everywhere she went. She also wanted to water the plants.

I told Reya how thirsty plants feel in this heat. And how they need water to grow big and strong just like we need to eat food to grow big and strong!

I feel kids who are involved in such activities grow up to be more patient, responsible and loving individuals. We need to involve our little ones in more productive things to do.

If not now then when?

Go ahead.. Make a list of productive things you can do with your kid. And be apart of it. Enjoy every minute of it! Today isn’t going to come again.

You got this! =)

Busy Bee!

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