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Newborn Baby Checklist - The ULTIMATE list of what you need for your baby.

YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! You have almost reached the finish line!! Once you reach the third trimester of your pregnancy you need to get things organised for your baby. There is a detailed list of items given below that include all the things I used for my baby to make it easier for you. So let’s get started!

Baby Clothes - Cotton cap, vests, long sleeve front open button down t-shirts, Half sleeve t-shirts, Cotton pyjamas, Socks.(6 sets) If you baby is born in summers these are things you would need. Make sure that the material is made of pure cotton and is soft in texture. You can also cut off all the labels and make sure that they are washed well before (preferably with a little dettol) making your baby wear them.

Winter wear - If your baby is born in winters you would need woollen cap, thick socks, sweaters, full sleeve t-shirts, thick pyjamas, thermal and a blanket.(6 sets)

Onesies - I found these to be very handy. But you can only make your baby wear them if your baby is wearing a diaper. I usually used them as a night suit. You can buy them from mothercare or babyhug.

Langotis - Please for the love of God have mercy on your baby. Their skin is super sensitive and can easily get a rash if you keep them in diapers all day. You need to make homemade langotis for your little one. The ones that are soiled with stool can be thrown out and the ones wet with urine can be washed and reused again. Now, how to make langotis? Easy peasy! Tell Mil or Mom to go to a kapade wala shop to purchase soft pure cotton piece of cloth or what we call as 'thaan' in hindi. Wash the cloth. Cut them in squares. Fold them into a triangle and make a little hole so you can put one side of the triangle through to tie the langoti. These are very comfortable for your baby. Later after 2-3 weeks you can use langotis of Tiny Care company. You can order them online or go buy them from any baby shop. Just make sure they are of soft material.

Plastic sheet - These come in a lot of use when you have to change your baby’s diaper. You spread the plastic sheet and a baby sheet and then make your baby lie down on it and change their diaper. Plastic sheets also come in handy so you can make your baby lie down on it when she isn’t wearing a diaper. It prevents the bed sheet and mattress from getting wet.

Baby Sheet - These are really handy. I made homemade baby sheets out of the old bedsheets we had at home. We made the same size as the plastic sheet. Not only did I use them to spread on the plastic sheet but also to wipe her bottom dry after it gets washed. I got at least 12 stitched.

Waterproof bed protector- A very useful sheet that protects your crib or mattress. It dries up very quickly. Very useful in winters.

Baby wipes - I personally love the Mothercare unscented wipes. I ended up using scented wipes on my baby once and she got rashes. So do avoid using scented products on your baby.

Diapers - XS size, preferably you can use pampers, premium pant style. They are very soft. If you aren’t happy with pant style you can also use Pampers active baby. You can pre order a box online as you would definitely get a discount.

Kailash jeevan- It is an Ayurvedic cream that is not easily available in the market. It is the best ointment cream to apply on your baby for wounds, cuts, rashes, redness. It can be used on any body part, by anyone. Can be used for babies and adults too. It is also eaten by some people if advised by the doctor in case of certain symptoms. I use Kailash Jeevan like a nappy cream. My baby never gets nappy rash.

Swaddle cloths - This a practice that has been implemented for a long time where you wrap your baby in a thin cloth or muslin cloth. Swaddling makes your baby feel snug, warm and secure. Some people say that if you swaddle your baby it makes them feel like she is in your womb. Because when your baby grows in your womb she hardly gets any space to move. So her movements are very small. So the swaddling re-creates that feeling which makes your baby feel like she is being hugged, just like she did in her mother's womb. Swaddling your baby makes them cry less. But you need to make sure that you don’t wrap the cloth too tightly. They should have enough space to move their legs. Swaddling also makes you baby sleep longer. They also come for outings with your baby.

Handkerchiefs - You are going to need at least 12 hankies. Make sure they are soft in texture. You can buy washcloths of babyhug.

Bibs - Always come in handy.

Bath chair - Very useful product to bathe your baby. You can easily order them online. All the brands are the same. Do read up more about the bath chair.

Baby shampoo - Sebamed children’s shampoo. It’s mild and doesn't have a strong fragrance.

Baby Soap - Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar - I personally prefer a soap bar rather than a body wash.

Baby Powder - Sebamed Baby Powder. It doesn't have a strong fragrance. It easily comes out of the bottle. I did use other brands before using sebamed. I just wasn't happy as they had a lot of fragrance and they were not easy to use.

Coconut Oil - use cold compressed coconut oil for your baby. I use coconut oil manufactured by Modern Agro . You can click on the link order one for yourself .

Baby cream - Sebamed baby protective facial cream. Perfect product to keep their skin hydrated. It doesn't make their skin oily after using it.

Baby lotion - Sebamed baby lotion. Perfect product to keep their skin hydrated. It doesn't make their skin oily after using it.

Feeding Bottles - I used glass bottles to feed my baby milk as they don’t contain any chemicals that could get mixed in the milk. I used pigeon company bottles and nipples.. You would also need to buy a newborn size nipple to feed your baby.

Sterilizer -- Rather than boiling the bottles you can wash them nicely and put them in the sterilizer. It’s easy and hassle free. All you have to do is add some water and press a button and you are done! You can also leave them in the sterilizer as they are germ free and safe. I’ve been using Chicco company sterilizer. Been going strong since the past two years.

Bottle Brush & Nipple Brush - I felt a bottle brush that rotates makes it easier to wash bottles. It makes the process much faster and easier. Also you would need a nipple brush to wash the nipple of the bottles.

Cool mist humidifier - This product was advised for my daughter by her paediatric doctor. She had a cold for a long time and just wasn't getting better. So we bought the Chicco cool mist humidifier which made a difference after using it on the first night itself. It adds moisture in the air.

Spoon feeding bottle- This is a magical spill free feeding bottle. Once you start feeding your baby semi solids, feeding your little one can get very messy. All you have to do is puree the mixture and fill it in the bottle and feed away!! But make sure it's washed and sterilized before use.

New born baby pillow - This is a special type of pillow for the baby to prevent flat head syndrome. The pillow is filled with mustard and rai seeds to support the baby’s head. It is easily available on Amazon.

High chair - You obviously don't need them in the first few months after your baby arrives. But once your baby can sit, a high chair is highly recommended! I used to feed my baby on the bed initially with the support of a pillow. My mom gifted me a wooden high chair with a plastic attachable table. I felt it was most easy to feed my baby in the chair. Your baby stays put so you don't have to run behind them to eat. Give them things to play with when they are eating so they are occupied so it makes feeding easy. The high chair I use can be used as a high chair and later can be converted into a table and chair as well. I ordered mine on first cry.

Palna - A very useful thing to put your baby to sleep . If your baby tends to wake up during her nap you can easily rock her back to sleep. Most of them got wheels so it's easy to move around in the house if needed. I ordered mine online from

Pram - These come in handy when you take your baby for outings. Your hands are free and your baby has more space and is more comfortable. Also makes power naps for your little one very comfortable. Graco is the best followed by chicco.

Play gym with hanging toys- These really come in handy. It keep your little one busy. Improves their motor development skills and to add a cherry on top it gives you some free time.

Disclaimer - I do not endorse, or have got any financial reimbursement from the companies I have mentioned. Their products have been used by me and my baby and hence their names are mentioned. “No copyright infringement is intended”

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