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PREGNANT! But not ready to a MOM!!

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

The supportive loving husband always has your back.

When I was pregnant I was so tired and fed up of my pregnancy because it was a rough bumpy ride for me. I just wanted the baby to come. I used to follow the same routine everyday.

But, there was one evening when I felt no movement of my baby in my tummy. Usually even after having a glass of water I would feel a lot of movement. But, that evening I didn't feel a thing. I felt something was wrong. The first person I told was my mother in law. She looked at me and said maybe it's time. I called my husband and told him to come home asap! He panicked and dropped everything and was there by my side! (like always). At that time I was 37 weeks and 5 days.

So I called my doctor and she told me to walk around a little and do nipple stimulation to see if there was any movement. But there was still nothing. So I called her again and she told me to come down to the hospital. I guessed it was time. I had butterflies in my stomach.

It took us longer than usual to reach the hospital. Traffic peak hours. =[

After we reached the first thing they did was examine me and then they attached a machine to my tummy to see if the heartbeat of the baby was normal. It was an ECG for the baby.

Thank god everything was fine. Then they induced me with labour pains and prepped me. So, I basically, spent the whole night just waiting. But my baby still didn't want to come. So, we decided to opt for a c-section. They said we would do the surgery in the morning.

I was really missing my mother and wanted her to be by my side. Unfortunately, my parents were travelling. She didn’t want to go, but she didn’t have much of a choice. Then my brother shows up at 5 am. I was so happy to see him. His best friend was getting married. So he had to go to Shimla for the wedding.

So he came to see if first. The first thing I did was squeeze his hand. Tightly! (Stupid induced labour pains). He stayed for a while and then he left after they took me to the operation theatre. At least he came.

Finally, after a long night of waiting, early in the morning we had the c-section. During the surgery everything was going fine. I lay on the bed nervous and anxious just wanting this time to go by quickly. I was already so tired because I was up the whole night.But then everything just happened so quickly. The next thing you know. I heard the first cry of my little angel.

I went numb.

Frankly speaking, I didn’t care if it was a girl or a boy. I just wanted to know if it was healthy. Seconds later I got to know it was a girl! She was perfect!

I saw the nurse take my baby to wrap her up. I remember my doctor asking me if I was alright. I said yes ma’am. I love my gynaecologist Dr. Archana Dhawan Bajaj! I couldn't have done it without her. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I told myself my pregnancy is finally over!

You did it!

We did it!

I sighed and told myself, you’ve got this & you’re going to be a #greatmom!

Everything is going to be alright!

So anyways, enough of me, let’s talk about you now...

You are almost near your due date .WOW!! #Congratulations!!

That’s fantastic!!

You’ve made it till here and you’ve almost reaching the finish line.

All your friends and family would be like oh wow!! You’ve grown so big. When is the baby due?? How are you feeling? Can I touch your bump? And blah blah blah!

Whereas, you just want to be left alone. Pleaseeeeeee stop bugging me! =[

But the truth is you’re exhausted and you can't wait for your baby to come. You must be feeling big and feeling a lot of pressure on your tummy. Waddling around the house. Difficulty sleeping at night. Out of breath. You need to pee most of the time. Sigh!! You really need to be patient in the last trimester.

But, are you #nervous and feeling #anxious about being a #newmom? Do you have these weird thoughts coming to your head? Are you asking yourself if you are ready? Should I have waited a little longer?

Well, frankly speaking we all feel the same. I did. My mom did. My sister in law did, my friends did. All the women I know had the same experience.

First of all, take a deep breath and tell yourself you’re going to do just fine! There are a million new moms out there going through the exact same thing. So you're not alone. We have your back. So here are a few tips to sta

  1. Try to relax - The last term of pregnancy isn't going to come back. Enjoy this phase. Have a long bath, catch up on your sleep (you can say bye- bye to your sleep once the baby comes), eat healthy food, binge on what you are craving for. Exercise, watch movies, go for a stroll in the evening. Spend some quality time with your husband. This is your time. Once the baby comes you can forget about putting your feet up.

  2. Trust your body - Your body would tell you what it needs. Let mother nature take charge now. Just go with the flow.

  3. Be patient - Be calm & composed! Don't stress yourself too much. Stress isn't good for the baby. Remember it can feel everything you feel. Whatever has to happen will happen. Just let things go with the flow. Some things are not in your hands. Just leave it up to God. Everything is going to turn out just fine.

  4. Be organized - Make sure you have your hospital bag ready. It's the last term of your pregnancy. The baby can come anytime. Make sure you’ve got everything you need. Don't forget your doctor’s file on your way out.

  5. Be ready for the baby - There are a lot of things you need when the baby comes. Make a checklist and make sure your room is ready for yourself and the baby.

  6. Talk to your husband - It’s not only the women who goes through this last term of anxiety its the husbands too. He is going to be a dad! That’s going to be a big step for him. Talk to each other. Help and support each other. Prep each other.

Stay focused.

Stay calm.

Trust me!

You’re going to be a great mom!

You got this! =)

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