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Little one down with the flu? Home remedies to make them feel better real quick!

Winter is here!! The pollution levels are hazardous!! Our little ones are falling sick‍. Here a few ways to kill that flu real quick!

  • Steam - Steam should be taken everyday in the morning or afternoons. Avoid steam before bedtime as the mucus melts and trickles down their throat which makes it difficult for them to sleep.

  • Humidifier - Add moisture to the air. It eases congestion and makes it easier to breathe. Humidifiers should be switched on throughout the night while your kid is sleeping.

  • Heated guava - Easy and quick. It gives excellent results. The best source of vitamin C that can cure them quickly.

  • Besan ka halwa made in milk - Very easy to make. Besan is said to be good as it relieves cold and cough since it is filled with antioxidants.

  • Saline Water- Saline water helps thin down the mucus in the nose. It also makes it easier to remove the mucus from their nose.

  • Haldi ka doodh(milk)- Kachi haldi ka doodh should be given once a day. Try not to make it too strong as they might not like the taste. This also helps aid cough and cold.

  • Ghee kapur - Rub warm ghee kapur on their chest, nose, neck and back before they sleep. It helps them sleep better. Avoid using vapour rubs for your little one.

  • Keep them snug- make sure they aren’t too cold or too hot. They need to be snug. Make sure you make them wear socks throughout the day.

  • Clean their nose regularly to take out all the mucus. Carry a hanky around with yourself in your pocket or pin one up to their top/sweater. The more you keep removing the less congestion there would be.

  • Nice warm bath - A warm bath after steaming helps remove a lot of mucus. It’s the best time you can clean out their nose.

  • Elevate their heads while sleeping - This helps them breathe better if they have a cold or a cough.

  • Plenty of liquids - Give a lot of fluids like warm water, milk, soup it helps loosen the mucus which can be thrown out easily.

Any more home remedies that can be added on. Please share your take so we can help our little ones get well soon.

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