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Toddler Tantrums - Where do I start from?

A full tummy and regular sleep routine are the key factors that will help your child remain calm and happy.

The years between the age of one and three are the most emotional and crucial ones for your child. During this period a toddler undergoes so many changes over a small time. They suddenly become more independent and insist on doing many things by themselves but they can’t, as they lack the physical skills to do so. Their emotions are all haywire. One second they are all chirpy and seconds later they are howling their heads off. This can be very hard on parents at times but it’s equally hard on our little ones too.


Simple! They feel that crying is the only way they can express their feelings of something that upsets them. If they have any unpleasant emotions, they cry! It is the key mode of communication since they are unable to fully express their feelings to someone.

A toddler doesn’t understand why it is wrong to draw on the wall or why they can’t eat food off the floor or why do they have to get out of the bathtub so quickly. There are so many small factors that build up that makes them, and us, frustrated. So they end up in tears and start throwing tantrums.

Toddler tantrums can be very hard for many parents. We feel rather helpless when our little ones are lying on the floor kicking and screaming their heads off. But here are a few ways you can deal with it -

  1. FOLLOW A ROUTINE - Try to follow a routine for your little one. Make sure they get enough sleep at night and nap time during the day. Lack of sleep could be one of the main reasons why your child is cranky which eventually builds into a tantrum. Also read: Make a routine for your little one.

  2. ENERGY BOOST - Make sure your child isn’t thirsty or hungry. Low blood sugar levels or dehydration leads to irritated toddlers. Give them healthy snacks at regular intervals and keep them hydrated.

  3. PHYSICAL EXERCISE - Don’t let them just sit around the house all day. Give them activities to do. Take them to the park, for a drive, go to the roof to play. If nothing comes to your mind, turn up the music and dance!! Hop in and join the fun !!

  4. MENTALLY PREPARE THEM - If you have to stop a certain activity tell them in advance. Like five minutes before that you have to stop what you are doing. Also give them a one minute reminder so they know they have to stop whatever they are doing.

  5. DISTRACTION - Show them something else or start talking about something else when they are crying. Get their mind off things to help them ease the situation.

  6. TANTRUMS MAKE THEM MORE EXPRESSIVE - After your child is done with their tantrum they feel more light in most cases. I feel they have shed out a huge load of emotions piled up in there. They seem to be more calm and content after throwing a tantrum.

  7. SAY ‘NO’ WHEN YOU HAVE TO SAY NO! - Don’t think that not saying no when you are supposed to, will prevent your child bursting out in a tantrum. You have to teach your child what is right and wrong. They also have to learn their boundaries.

  8. LET THEM DECIDE - Since they feel they want to do many things by themselves and they have that desire to feel independent, let them start making certain decisions by themselves. Like do you want to eat an omelette or scrambled eggs? Do you want to wear the red t-shirt or the blue one? Do you want to go play in the park or go to the roof? This not only helps in their routine but also boosts their self confidence.

  9. TANTRUMS MAKES YOU BOND - Your toddler might want to be left alone during their tantrum but deep down inside they need you the most. They need you to assure them that everything is going to be alright. They need to feel loved and comforted. Try not to fix the situation but settle it. Share lots of kind words, be supportive and hug away!

  10. KEEP YOUR COOL - I know it’s hard at times to keep your cool and stay calm but believe me it’s the only way. When you child is throwing a tantrum you start counting to ten in your head. And then make your child count to ten with you. At first they would refuse but eventually they shall give in. it not only helps you but your child as well. I personally practice this myself. And believe me, it works!

Parenting is hard! Nobody ever said it was going to be a bed of roses!

Get it together!

You got this!

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