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Baby Shower - What do I gift the mommy to be?

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Back in the day, the concept of baby showers only existed abroad. Whereas in India it is called ‘godh bharai’. It is the Indian version of a baby shower. It is celebrated differently in each community. Till today godh bharai is practiced in many homes. But these days as times have changed drastically baby showers have become a trend. Expecting mothers prefer having a baby shower. Surprisingly some are even hosted on a grand scale. Some even get a photoshoot done. How things change over a period of time. It’s actually a great idea. Bring your close ones together and celebrate life.

Well, if your friend is pregnant and is having a baby shower I’m going to make it easy for you by giving you a list of the best options you can gift her for her baby sh

  1. Baby Bath Chair - One of the most useful gift to give a new mother. Do read more about the bath chair.

  2. The Perfect Diaper Bag - Always needed.

  3. Baby Shower Gift Hamper - This hamper can include a set of clothes for the newborn baby, socks, a bib, handkerchiefs, whatever you want to add in the clothing department. Clothes always come in handy. If you want you can also gift clothes of a bigger size of age group 18-24 months.

  4. Feeding Pillow - A very very useful pillow for feeding mothers. It helps you hold your baby indifferent feeding positions. Your baby is supported so you don't have to strain your arm while holding her or put a pillow under your legs (when you are sitting crossed legs) . All you need is the feeding pillow. It’s great for your posture because you aren't sitting in a slouch. This also prevents neck pain and back pain. You can also use it to support your baby when she is learning to sit.

  5. Toiletries Hamper- These really come in handy. It can include shampoo, soap, body lotion, coconut oil. But do make sure the products don’t have a strong fragrance and are mild on the skin.

  6. Grooming Kit - This usually includes a comb, soft hairbrush, nail cutter, thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine dropper, nail filer.

  7. Play Mat- One of the most useful products to keep your little one busy. It also improves their motor skills.

  8. Baby Books - Check out the list of top 10 books for your baby.

  9. Mommy books - Books on baby care to guide her through this new phase of life. These not only include information about post pregnancy care but baby care as well.

  10. Goodies For Mommy To Be - It’s always a delight to receive gifts, especially if it is something you love. Buy mommy dear her favourite goodies. Spoil her! Pamper her! You can get her a gift hamper of forrest essentials.

  11. Big Handbag - Who doesn’t love handbags? You can gift mommy dear a perfect handbag so she can easily fit in all her baby stuff in it for short outings.

  12. Toys For The Baby - These little toys always come in handy. Pick out a teddy bear, rattle set, squeaky toys, musical cot mobile, sensory toys.

  13. Baby Photo Album - A perfect way for mommy dear to save memories of her little one.

  14. Baby Blankets and Pillow Set - These always come in use for the newborn baby. They are soft in texture which are perfect for them to snuggle up and sleep.

  15. Pram - These come in handy when you take your baby for outings. Your hands are free and your baby has more space and is more comfortable. Also makes power naps for your little one very comfortable. Graco is the best followed by Chicco.

  16. Feeding Poncho - These always come in handy for breastfeeding mothers. They are at ease when they feed their little one.

  17. Gift Card - Most convenient and useful to gift if nothing makes sense. Let mommy decide what she wants to buy for herself. You can also handover a cash envelop if you want to make things even more easier.

So what are you waiting for? You can also read Baby Products that come in handy to get more ideas.

Start shopping and make her feel special on her baby shower. Make memories. This time isn’t going to come again, well at least not until her next pregnancy :)

You got this!

Disclaimer - I do not endorse, or have got any financial reimbursement from the companies I have mentioned. Their products have been used by me and my baby and hence their names are mentioned. “No copyright infringement is intended”

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